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Make the most of the rest of the year – easy tips show you how!

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Introspection, Meditation

“Despite the dizziness of the dash to the end of the year, it’s a positive sign.”
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Isn’t it simply astounding how the months fly?

It feels as though it was January just yesterday, yet suddenly everyone’s talking about what they need to achieve before the end of the year. Rather than winding down, everyone seems to be a bit more frantic.

Despite the dizziness of the dash to the end of the year, it’s a positive sign. It means that you – and everyone else who’s picked up the pace around you – realise that something’s got to change if you’re going to hit your goals.

We instincitvely make change when the seasons alter. It’s so natural that we don’t even notice our patterns and habits alter.

Think about it, you add an extra layer as the temperature drops, and bring the space heaters out of hiding in preparation for the frigid nights ahead. Your cooking shifts from salads and light meals, to soups and stews. The electricity bill increases, and it becomes more difficult to respond to your alarm when it’s still pitch black outside.

These changes happen without thinking about them – your body and mind are simply adjusting to the change in your environment.

So, it’s a perfect time to effect changes that you do want to see. You can slowly change your habits, as the temperature drops, or you can be bold and take a clue from the trees. Now’s the best time to get rid of the things you no longer need.

That doesn’t just mean digging in and decluttering at home: perhaps you’ve been considering leaving your job and starting your own business, or maybe you just want to get into a regular exercise routine.

Whatever you’ve been considering for a while, the energy in the change in seasons is a perfect prompt to making it happen. Don’t wait another year – get on with it!

Take Action!

• Write a list of 5 things you’d like to improve about your life right now.

• Then next to each one, write a three or four word reason why you want to change

• Now pick one, and the one that’s most compelling, and commit to making a change to improve things. Right now. Go on. You know it will improve things and you can do it.


This post is part of meditation month on the Rethink Retreats blog
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