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5 surprising foods for stamina at the office

by | Jul 31, 2012 | Food, Nutrition, Stamina, Top 9 Post

“A little extra planning can provide you the proper nutrients – and give you the stamina you need to get through your busy day.”
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  • 5 surprising foods for stamina at the office



It’s not ideal, but every now and again, you need to put in some extra long hours at work.

Although it may be easiest to grab a packet of crisps and a cuppasoup, your work will suffer if you don’t feed your brain properly.

A little extra planning can provide you the proper nutrients – and give you the stamina you need to get through your busy day.

Take a look at these – slighty surprising – foods that will give you an extra push.

White Fish

This is a terrific source of protein that your body can easily absorb. Protein is normally associated with muscle growth, but it is needed for just about every function and system in the body. White fish is non-inflammatory and high in nutrients like iodine, copper and zinc, which are necessary for thyroid function and metabolism. Thyroid function helps to regulate stress, so when working long hours, it’s essential to make sure you pay attention to this gland.


This vegetable is a powerful carbohydrate, and certainly healthier than refined breads. Squash is packed full of glucose which can be used for energy. In fact, it can even re-sensitise insulin, so it works more effectively. Squash is also full of auxiliary nutrients that help sugar to get into your cells and for conversion into energy.

Coconut oil

It sounds like a strange super food, however, it is incredibly valuable for liver function. This oil acts an antibacterial and antimicrobial food, supporting the immune system. It helps to regulate cell metabolism, creating more carbon dioxide and energy. Coconut oil also assists glucose to get into the cell and it is useful for detoxifying oestrogen. As a bonus, coconut oil also reduces inflammation and helps with internal stress management.


These are an excellent form of natural energy. They are high in magnesium, which is nature’s tranquilliser. It helps with muscle relaxation, nerve function, digestion, and more. Of course, it is known for its high Vitamin C content which is used for collagen formation. It also supports the immune system and blood vessels, which is especially beneficial if you battle high blood pressure.

Sea Salt

Sodium is indispensable for regulating blood pressure. It also contains other trace minerals which help your thyroid, metabolism and cell functions. Sea salt also assists with the body’s ability to hold on to electrolytes and other minerals, a process that is impaired under stress.

Add it all together into a quick stress busting meal

As a shopping list, it may seem a bit on the wild side for a late night at the office, but you can throw a terrific meal together from just these 5 basic ingredients that will wow your taste buds – and give you some extra stamina.

Simply pre-heat the grill function on your oven. Place your white fish in the middle of an oven proof dish and drizzle with coconut oil. Add cubed pieces of the squash around the fish and add a dash of the sea salt to everything. If your squash is quite firm, you may want to pre-boil it for a few minutes before adding it to fish. When the fish and vegetables are cooked through, squeeze a bit of orange over it, allowing as much pulp to come out as possible.

It’s an unpretentious, delectable dish designed to warm your brain and body for the work ahead.

Take Action!

If you are looking for more healthy ideas, check out our healthy cake recipe book which will be published very soon. And, if you want more ideas on pushing through when work demands more of your attention, stay tuned as soon we’ll be launching an entire food blog. And in the meantime the Rethink blog, will bring you more tips all month long.

In the meantime, let us know about your favourite on the go snacks and easy meals for long hours by posting a response below this blog. We’d love to hear from you


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