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Meet the Trainer: Our wonderfully realistic nutritionist, Chris Sandel

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Nutrition, Profile, Rethink Central Staff

“This gent doesn’t want to deny you those guilty pleasures; he only wants you to achieve the right balance for your body and lifestyle.”
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For some people, the word “nutritionist” is just plain scary.

After all, food is something fantastic, isn’t it? It’s lovely to tuck into a steamy, greasy packet of fish and chips, and no one should take that away from you.

But don’t worry, that isn’t our nutritionist – Chris Sandel.

This gent doesn’t want to deny you those guilty pleasures; he only wants you to achieve the right balance for your body and lifestyle.

Chris wasn’t always into a healthy diet; he guiltily admits to a lifestyle which involved too many nights imbibing alcohol and whatever take-aways he fancied at the time. However, he took the time to investigate why his body simply wasn’t performing the way it was supposed to, and over time, made the changes that see him as the empowered individual he is today.

Of course, we are terribly pleased he made the changes he needed to – and then took it far enough to be helping just about everyone he meets. But, he still maintains balance in his diet. His favourite breakfast these days is pancakes with tons of butter and maple syrup. The difference? He’s experimenting with healthier flours to balance his meal, and of course, other elements of his daily intake.

We aren’t all ready to completely overhaul our lifestyle tomorrow. It’s a little unrealistic for many people. But, there are a number of things we can start doing. Chris sites the most significant factor, for developing a healthier lifestyle, as a change in mindset. So many people strive to eat less and do more. Or they search for the latest antioxidant fruit combination.

Overall, people are making decisions based on information which is not necessarily what is right for their needs. By thinking of food as something that is necessary for health, as well as delicious to eat, we can all start living fuller lives.

Food is not to be feared; even that packet of fish and chips.

And no food is truly harmful, nor is any food to be regarded as the most beneficial substance your body has ever received. Every food is a balance – and you can eat them all.

One of the biggest challenges people face in developing healthy eating habits is exactly this type of misinformation. You shouldn’t necessarily drink 2 litres of water a day, nor should you avoid sugar, carbs and fat. And although delighting in the fresh taste of a salad is not a bad thing, it won’t have the benefits it should unless taken into context with the rest of your food consumption. Everyone (thankfully) is an individual. Chris’ consulting practice, 7 Health, works to achieve the right balance for real people – at home, at the office, with their families and friends, and for different, busy periods of their lives.

So, how does Chris balance his buttery pancakes? By taking his dog for a spin at the park. Oh, and by tucking into a fresh mango. They remind him of Australia where he grew up.

To learn more about Chris, visit his website at

And, to start making changes in your life? Well, take the time to get in contact with him.

Of course, you can always get your hand on our delicious cake recipes in our Cake! book, from our food blog, Not Got Much In. Not only is it free, but it’s filled full of 12 super healthy cakes. Chris Sandel approved, each and every one.


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