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Liz Scully of Rethink Central expounds on why cake is important


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Cake really is important.

As humans we have a tendency to push away the good things in life. Women are particularly good at doing this – particularly if the good thing happens to be cake shaped… “No, no, I couldn’t possibly have a slice, I’m on a diet, going on holiday, just getting over…”

Continually doing that is terrible for your brain. It trains it that you can’t have the good stuff, that you have to wait, that you can work for others but not get the enjoyment for yourself.

If there’s one thing that is a bedrock of what’s going on at Rethink Central it’s this – you work hard so you can enjoy life. Don’t keep pushing all good things away from you, embrace them. Eat the goddamn cake and bloody well enjoy it. You earned, it, you deserve it and it will taste fabulous. Have another slice, hell have the whole cake.

Not all the time, obviously, that way lies gluttony, so lets not be foolish about this. But do remember you’re fabulous and you deserve that rewarding for that. And if that happens to be a slice of cake then so be it.

Eat the cake!

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