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Business training doesn’t have to be dull… and yet it so often is.

We learn more deeply when engaged with story and laughter. That’s the approach I used to teach Cinematography at Dreamworks, lecture at some of the world’s most prestigious Art and Design Schools and give workshops at pan-global companies.

I’m a business strategist with a 20 year background in Hollywood films. I’ve won an Emmy and my work is multi-Oscar nominated.

As well as speaking and working with my own clients, I run Masterminds for some of the most influential coaches in the world, including: Jonathan Fields, Kathy Caprino, Julia Pimsleur and Tim Brownson. I also have a coaching school training new Mastermind Coaches in my method.

There’s a wonderful moment when we’re sharing ideas – you see the audience light up. That’s what I love. And that’s why I’m asked back to the same events again and again.

Fix the Money Leaks in Your Business

To grow every business must fix the leaks not just add new systems

Talk: Shine on Camera

Body language hacks for a powerful presence on camera

We all have to appear on camera these days – whether video calls with clients or wowing with sales videos, it’s essential to project a calm and professional manner. In this training I’ll share how to quickly shine.

You will learn:

  • The hardest 3 feet in the world: from behind the camera to in-front.
  • How to deal with eye-line: the little green light & not looking shifty
  • Active listening – using your whole body
  • Why your hands should be visible as much as possible
  • Using your body to lower your status and open up the group

You’ll leave the session motivated to create your own videos and know just what to do to look relaxed in them

Talk: Fix your Business Money Leaks

If you’re making money you’re also leaking money. 
Learn where to look for money leaks and create a plan to fix them quickly. Spotting them is the first step to a stronger rapidly growing business.
You’ll learn:
  • spot the 4 money leaks in your marketing funnel, sales funnel, staffing and owner habits
  • decide which one will have the biggest impact on your business and choose which one to work on first
  • the step structure that your sales and marketing funnels both need
  • what on earth is the difference between the sales and the marketing funnel – aren’t they the same thing?


You’ll leave the session with a clear plan on what to tackle next

Talk: Add income fast with Mastermind Groups

Learn the full Mastermind Framework 

This can be run as an ultra intensive 30,000 foot view on the how and why of Masterminds or expanded into a full taught modules covering the full Framework, uses and marketing structures.

You’ll learn:

  • What a Mastermind Group is and why they’re so effective
  • The exact Mastermind structure I use
  • Why free groups rarely work
  • The simple way to fill your Mastermind groups (most people don’t do this)


You’ll leave the session knowing what to look for to join a group and clear on what’s involved in setting up a group

Talk: Create Online Masterclasses Fast

Framework to share ideas for training, presentations and pitches
Online masterclasses are powerful tools for both teaching and marketing. In this workshop, you’ll learn a simple MasterClass creation process to turn your idea into an experience that will wow your audience.
You’ll learn:
  • Organize your thoughts clearly
  • Break your idea quickly into sections so they’re easily absorbed
  • Move your ideal client along the journey towards buying –
  • Add special surprises to give extra value to all your training
You’ll leave the session with a simple Framework that can be used for much more than just training. Use it to develop a book, podcast or  pitch.

Let’s talk!

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Increased my productivity 57%

This opportunity to work with Liz has increased my productivity 57% and my tendency to smile during the day by 94%.  I couldn't have done it with out Liz!

Barry Solway

Author, Boulder, Colorado, USA, www.barrysolway.com

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world

In one session, Liz helped me distill my decades of professional experience, assumptions, values, fears, passions and confusion into a crystal ball of realization. So just imagine what one of her Mastermind programs will do for your career and/or life.

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world for far too long. It's her sneaky ability to wallop you upside the head with amazing clarity, been-there-done-that wisdom, and a huge dose of enthusiasm that that will make you say, “Where have you been all my life?"

Matt Olin

Owner, Matt Olin Creative, Charlotte, NC, USA, Matt Olin Creative

Every leader needs a support team and a masterful guide

I've never been in a mastermind group before. But I coach others and lead groups all the time as a film/theatre director and teacher. I'm learning that every leader needs a support team and a masterful guide to help us not lose our sanity. Liz Scully and the other inspiring participants give me the nudges and the creative strategies for how to refuel when I'm stuck or overwhelmed.

I'm just in love with this group. And of course with dear Liz who calls it like it is so we can be our best selves. Straight Talk Liz. Schedule with her and get a taste of her awesomeness

Heidi Marshall

Director & Actor Coach, NYC, USA, www.heidimarshall.com

We found $200,000 in 90 minutes (then another $140k 10 minutes later)

Simple tweaks to how I ask for business and manage my client referrals are set to double turnover in the coming year. It really was amazing how quickly Liz got to the heart of where we could improve things. And the changes are so simple to implement.

Michael Francis

Owner & Photographer, Michael Francis Photography, Toronto, Canada, Michael Francis Photography

Working with Liz Scully through our Mastermind Group has been life-changing

I am just starting out my business. Through her Mastermind I have been able to set realistic goals and be held accountable for them in a kind and constructive way. More importantly, the support and encouragement in the group have been life lines when I needed them most. I benefit from having a “coaching team” helping me with my business, rather than going it alone.

Liz leads the group with skill, grace and humor, and I can’t endorse her enough. Working with Liz will make you more productive, give you contacts all over the world, and make it all FUN! Hire her! You won’t regret it!!

Patty Nowell

Founder & Coach, Florida, USA, Soaring HeART

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