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Add $3000 a month running Masterminds

Finally! Consistent monthly income with Mastermind groups 

Great results for your clients. Great results for your business

There is no other training like this: watch the video to find out more

Everyone seems to be

talking about Mastermind programs

And don’t they look great? Your clients get deep transformation and brilliant support and it could be a brilliant bump to your bottom line. $5000, often $10,000 or $15000 for the whole program. Really high end ones go all the way up to $100,000 a year. Sell 5, or even 10, of those and look how the money rolls in. They’re excellent upsells to your training programs.

And once they’re up and running, they’re low maintenance and the groups almost run themselves. They can run for a month or as long as a year (or even longer – I have some groups that have been running for years, providing consistent results and consistent income for all that time).

Tempting isn’t it?

Think what a few of those could do to your income

Start marketing as soon as Mastering Mastermind is finished and your Mastermind could well be filled and bring in cash within the month. You’ll have to do the work to fill the group – but every single person who’s done Mastering Mastermind and started a group has more than made back the investment with their first Mastermind. Hell, sometimes even their first client.  If you really focus, you can be up and running a month.

You’ll have a handy bump to your bottom line a and your clients will have the safety of knowing their goals will be happening with the accountability and support of your group. They’ll have brilliant change and you’ll have a heap of income for just 7 hours work a month.

You’ll be able to invest in courses and infrastructure. Perhaps get that VA you’ve always meant to get, or a second one. Have a properly managed launch at last and be able to see long term change with your client as the months roll by.

Masterminds could change everything in your business

You want to give your clients the most astounding experience. You want to change the world. You want to earn good money and you see everyone in the coaching world putting ‘Mastermind’ on their sales pages. They’re expensive, they’re sexy. You want some of that.

Hell, maybe you’ve even already sold a whole Mastermind.

The money is coming in. Clients are excited. YOU’RE excited.

Hang on! Tell me more about Mastermind.

What is Mastermind and do I even want to run them?

Thing is…

…you don’t actually know how to run a brilliant Mastermind

Even worse – perhaps you’ve never even been in a brilliant Mastermind group. How on earth are you going to run one that is so good your clients can’t stop talking about it? Sure you can coach one-to-one, but it’s different in a group – and this isn’t even group coaching.

Mastermind is different:

• What do you talk about?

• How do you structure it?

• What happens if someone a bad fit for the group?

• How do you blend the group together so they work as a team?

• How do you ensure everyone has a good experience?

• What about timekeeping?

• What if someone won’t stop talking… or worse, won’t even start?

• What if there’s tears? (There’s always tears, how do you deal with them?)

• How do you ensure it all goes well?

Think how upsetting that first day would be if there’s silences and sweaty pauses. That feeling of nausea as the slow dawning of everyone having paid thousands of dollars for an experience that isn’t just average… it’s below par. There’s grumbling, there’s eye rolling. An hour after you get off the call there’s a request for their money back. Awful. These are your high end clients, they deserve the very best from you – and you have no idea how to make sure they love the Mastermind program. Sure you know how to coach – but this, this is different. This is intense personal group work and it’s more than a meeting, it’s not like training, it’s different to a workshop… how on earth can you sure you give a brilliant Mastermind?

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if you knew exactly how to run the group?

If when the day of your first Mastermind roles round, you’re clear and calm. Your clients have a clear set of guidelines sent out ahead of time. They know how to get the most out of Mastermind, and more importantly you know how to run a brilliant Mastermind.

When you start the first session – you know each person in the group – you know their goals, how they’ll add value to the group, how you can help them. You have a plan that makes it all flow smoothly together. You’ve got this. You’re in control for the next 2 hours. Hell, you’re in control for the next 6 months. These clients are going to have an excellent experience.

That first meeting will be warm and reassuring – they’ll know they’re in good hands. As the weeks roll by, the team dynamic will build. You’ll start getting warm emails thanking your privately. There are referrals, lovely things said on Facebook, you hear great things from other people at events – because your clients rave about you. They’ll be talking about this for years to come.

Your Mastermind group not only receives help, but they’ll support each other and work together and see deep and lasting change. All your work will be realised and you’ll feel confident and ready to roll.

Knowledge is power

or in this case knowledge is the balm that lets you sleep at night in the weeks coming up to your Mastermind starting.

The skills are teachable

And you can learn it quickly enough to launch at New Year

Oh yes! I’ve trained droves of Mastermind coaches and seen heaps of Masterminds launched. If you give advice in your business then odds are you can run a top-notch Mastermind.

Follow the step-by-step methods I layout in the course and there’s no reason at all you can’t launch a shiny new Mastermind in 2018. Do the course, then do the work and you’ll get results.

Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time

Quite honestly I have no idea what I’d have done without Liz to guide me. It’s not enough just to have people who want to join you in a mastermind you also have to deliver massive value and know how to do that in a structured format beneficial to all members. Liz wasn’t afraid to point out my stupid ideas (in a gentle way) and she delivered massive value to me and I’m not sure I could have done it without her. Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time.

Tim Brownson

Life Coach who Gets People Unstuck, A Daring Adventure

She made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us

Liz was instrumental in helping to structure our Mastermind program for the 2015 GLP Immersion program. From intake interviews to group organization and then facilitation, she made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us.

Bottom line – if you want someone to help organize and lead Masterminds for your organization, or if you want to participate in a well run, joyful, results-oriented group, Liz is a great person to work with.

Jonathan Fields

Entrepreneur and founder, The Good Life Project

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru for the Amazing Career Project and my Amazing Career Certification Program for coaches.I chose her program to compliment my deep training because the powerful, unique support of Liz’s Masterminds helps my clients in practical, effective ways as they move forward applying everything they’ve learned.

Kathy Caprino

Women's Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Founder of, The Amazing Career Project

Liz had such a wealth of experience

There was a lot more to running a mastermind than I had first realised. She gave me a solid structure to work with and made it sound easy. I can’t wait to run my first mastermind!

Cat Le Blanc

Business Strategist at, Cat Le Blanc

A 13 fold financial return on my investment

When I discovered Liz online and delved into her world of Mastering Masterminds I knew I had found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Someone who could teach me the ins and outs and intricacies of creating a powerful experience for my clients.

There is just so much covered in this program, from body language to subtle questioning to draw a person out, from “goal smuggling” (one of my favourite pieces) to pricing, from selecting the best combination of participants to keeping them accountable, supported and focused, from copywriting to marketing and so much more. I was simply blown away by the depth of content and by the confidence and skills that I developed from being a part of it.

I now have an intimate and committed Mastermind of my own, a dynamic and beautiful group of women – this represents a 13 fold financial return on my investment in the Mastering Masterminds Program and an immeasurable return of fulfilment to be facilitating a program that feels so joyful.

I now have Mastermind blood coursing through my veins and soon you will too!

Angela Raspass

Founder, Your Next Chapter

Who is Liz Scully and why should I care?

I’ve been running powerful transformative Masterminds for years now. My clients rave about their results in Masterminds, and many go on to run their own Masterminds. My friends and colleagues have been coming to me privately for years to get the inside skinny on how to create amazing groups. Till I started this course, you could only get that information by being a pal of mine, paying for a very expensive one-to-one session or by being in one of her year long masterminds.

In fact, that’s why a lot of my clients joined my Mastermind in the first place – to learn what a kick ass Mastermind is like from the inside. They come for that, but they returned again and again for the great results. Year after year, renewing again and again because although the group changes, the value and transformation just keeps getting better. Some of my clients have been with me for well over 3 years – that means they’ve renewed upwards of 7 times.

Before becoming a business strategist I worked in film for 20 years – working on Hollywood mega films at studios such as Dreamworks, Kodak, Sony all over the world. I’ve won an Emmy and my work has been multi-Oscar nominated. I learned the power of collaboration to enable groups to of brilliant people achieve more together than they would on their own.

I am also the founder of the International Mastermind Certificate – a 6 month program of Mastermind Excellence.

Is this going to help me fill my Masterminds?

Yes in that it will give you the confidence to sell them well. You’ll know exactly what value you’re providing and how that will transform your clients lives.

And the final module on day three of the deep dive is all about the language that I’ve found works well when talking to people about Masterminds (and I used to work as a copywriter, so this stuff works).

Also I’m giving you a mini extra course on how to define your avatar, sell on the phone without being slimy and the anatomy of a sales page, so you’ll be set up (and armed with the right language to discuss all this with your clients).

No in that this isn’t just a marketing course. We’ll get clear on what you’re providing and how you describe it in the Online Marketing Bonus. That covers how to research your ideal customers buying habits, write a sales page and run a sales call.

But to be clear – this isn’t a course on how to set up Facebook ads or complex funnel building. There are plenty of courses that’ll do that for you – but almost none that will teach you how to actually run a good Mastermind. And that’s what we’re doing here – making sure you have the tools to run astounding Masterminds. Yes, you’ll need to fill the groups – and the Marketing Bonus will help that – but once your group is ready, you’ll have everything you need to make it an amazing experience for your clients.

Marketing Bonus – . Clarifying and refining your Avatar, creating sales pages and running sales calls. Those are the three essentials you need to create sales and it’s all covered in these three online lessons. Plus you get the full 30-Day Rethink: ideas to MasterClass course.You’ll create a class to draw your people towards you and build your funnel for your Mastermind.

What exactly do I get?

The full skinny on the Three-day Deep-Dive Intensive

Day 1:

June 11th – 10am – 4.30pm Eastern

Module 1

How to structure a group so it runs well:

Keep the group on time & on target •

Build community •

Deal with tricky clients •

Pricing •

Module 2

How to select great Mastermind Clients:

What to look for  in a client •

Questions to reveal learning style •

Quietly test reaction speeds •

The importance of gut feelings •

Module 3

Balancing and Blending your groups:

How to balance different personalities •

The introvert/extrovert balance •

When things go wrong •

Examples and fixes •

Exact schedule varies over the days, as we go at the pace of the group.

Day 2:

June 12th Noon – 5pm Eastern

Module 3

Balancing and Blending your groups:

•  Continuation of Module


Module 4

Body Language & Coaching:

• The art of what’s unsaid (BONUS module)

Our bodies leak information about our real mindstate all the time. Being able to see when a client is uncomfortable or hiding something can allow you to unlock deep change – as well as protect yourself from deception in everyday business deals. Years of studying the animation in film combined with deep training aimed at CIA, FBI and hostage negotiation allows me to see more than what is said. In this training I’ll share some of the most popular and fascinating training from my Mastermind Coaches training, Mastering Mastermind.

Not just for your Mastermind groups  – this is for everyone you come into contact with

• Killer questions to unlock your clients mindset from their body language

Being a great coach is often about asking just the right question at just the right time. I’ve been collecting excellent and particularly effective questions for years. When to use them, how to use them but most importantly what to ask is covered in this training.

Day 3:

June 13th Noon – 5pm Eastern

Module 5

Marketing your Mastermind – What’s working now!

Although this is a practical course on how to run your Mastermind, I’ve created and sold Mastermind many times and in this training I’ll share the most effective wording, structure and powerful sales language. Wording and copy change continually, so I’ll share what’s working right now.  This is in addition to the online Marketing Bonus – see below.

The aim is to get you clear and focused and able to talk persuasively about your Masterminds as quickly as possible.

Final Q&A Session

We finish with a lengthy Question and Answer session as by the end of the second day your mind will be buzzing with how many groups you can run and how to get them up and out as soon as possible.

Our last session is entirely focused on you leaving with a fully formed plan and all your questions answered.

Read more about the bonuses

Marketing Bonus:

30-Day Rethink: Ideas to MasterClass

Online masterclasses can be powerful tools for both teaching and marketing. In this online course, you’ll learn a simple MasterClass creation process to turn your idea into an experience that will wow your audience.
I’ve used a similar approach to teach Cinematography at Dreamworks, lecture at some of the world’s most prestigious Art and Design Schools, give workshops and thumbnail online courses and webinars.
You’ll learn how to:

Organize your thoughts clearly

Break your idea quickly into sections so they’re easily absorbed

Move your ideal client along the journey towards buying –

Add special surprises to give extra value to all your training

Once learned you can use this simple Framework to develop a book, podcast, training series or whatever you fancy. But more importantly for our Masterminds – you can build a powerful magnet for your Masterminds, so you’re ready to roll-out your Masterminds with people waiting to buy.

(4 full modules delivered over 4 weeks)


Non-Scary Online Marketing Training

Immediate Access to three short courses:

Know your avatar 

Ideal customer avatars are the key to attracting the right clients for your Mastermind. However producing them is often time consuming and painful. Even then, the resulting avatar is flimsy and not overly useful.

Using techniques from 10 years in branding working alongside some of worlds best advertising agencies and fun film techniques I’ll show you how to create a super clear back story for you avatar. You’ll dive deep and know your customers better – plus, you’ll find the creation experience rewarding not draining.  (6 short videos in the series)


Coaching to a close: none slimy sales calls 

When you’re truly serving your clients, you’re not selling at all just presenting options that are a good fit for them.

For years now I’ve used value-added sales techniques – which is a fancy way of saying, even if someone doesn’t buy from me, they’ll receive value from the sales experience itself.

In particular, there’s a clear and easy way to coach clients for 30 mins or so and then, if they’re a good fit, close them. It’s great for you and your client – nothing feels sleazy or skeevy and your client will be enriched even if they decide not to buy from you (though they usually do).

This is the key to closing people on sales calls – you’re not closing, you’re helping.  (7 short videos)


The anatomy of a Sales Letter 

As you ramp up to selling your Mastermind, the one thing everyone will need is a sales page online. But how do you put one together so it’s not overly ‘salesy’ and yet still effective?

In this training, I’ll run you through exactly what you need to add – and the order in which you have to run through it on the page – to take your prospect from not uncertain to signing up.  (8 short videos)

Watch a video about the bouses!

I could easily sell these bonuses as a full course on their own for at least $1000

(and as a bundle, well over $2000)

They’re all included for FREE with Mastering Mastermind

^^ Prefer to read? Scroll up for a written version of this vid ^^

Who’s this Mastermind Training for?

Having read this far, you’ve probably already got a pretty good idea if this is for you or not

– but just to really spell it out…

This Program IS for you if:

You want to give amazing quality experiences to your clients 

You care enough to truly learn your craft before taking clients’ money 

You want to be certain your clients get results 

You want the security of a full framework before you begin 

You want to create a MasterClass to fill your Mastermind group 

You want to KNOW you’ll be kick-ass at the Mastermind part, so your groups run like clockwork 

You want to make sales with confidence knowing your Mastermind is properly structured 

You’ve waited all year for this to open again. Finally! 

This Program is NOT for you if:

• You’re looking for help with your Facebook ads, tracking pixels and marketing nitty gritty – this mostly about Masterminds

I’ll give you marketing language to use on your sales pages, and phrases that have always worked for me. But our main concentration is not launches and funnels. We’re all about Masterminds, baby.

• You’re a negative, non-team player, who knows it all 

We’re a team, this isn’t for you (Masterminds as a whole might not be for you either. They thrive as a group)

• You’ve run heaps of Mastermind programs and you’re not even really sure why you’re reading this page

(perhaps you’re bored of running them? I can totally help with that – I have a fabulous Mastermind Concierge Service).

• You don’t like swearing

I’m sorry (#notSorry), I grew up in three ports. I swear like the proverbial sailor

• The cost of the course will cause serious financial hardship 

• You’re dealing with a major mental health issue 

There’s a lot of moving parts in this training. And when you’re back to yourself and through this rough patch, we’ll be here waiting. But right now, get well and work on getting out the weeds

• You just need a one hour one-to-one intensive, not a full training course

Please look at the Mastermind Clinic page for Mastermind intensive coaching only. That way you can just borrow my brain and skip the rest of the course and Mastermind to your hearts content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Then drop us a line

Why do I need this - I already know how to coach?

Yes, but Masterminds are a very different creature than one-to-one or group coaching. In a Mastermind you’re holding the space for the brilliance of the entire group to come out and help each member. Each client shares information and has to feel both heard and valued – and from your side, has to come in on time and with something useful to add. You must be ready to step in and manage the time, content and re-position anything not entirely helpful.

Even experienced coaches baulk at running a Mastermind. That’s why big name coaches like Jonathan Fields, Tim Brownson and Kathy Caprino have me run their Mastermind Programs for them. It’s a special skill and it can be taught – but it is different from the other skills you’ve already acquired.

I'd love to do this but I'm NOT a coach!

Well that may well not be a problem.

Mastermind coaching isn’t for everyone, but it does fit a wide array of people. If you regularly give advice to your clients, have a history of leading teams, teaching or supporting people through change – odds are you’ll do an excellent job at Masterminding.

This course will give you the skills to know when to hold back, when to push and when to ask a questions likely to dig deeper. You’ll learn how to deal with tears and how to keep everyone to time. All that, that is coaching. And it’s totally teachable.

How different can it be to run a Mastermind - I’ve run workshops, they’re the same right?

Well no. In a workshop you’re broadcasting information and then facilitating clients implementing or at least experimenting with the work. In a Mastermind you’re drawing brilliance out of clients – effective they coach and support each other. Sure you’re there to add your words of wisdom, but it’s the love and community of the group that is producing the brilliant results.

Building a community quickly – developing trust so there’s a safe space – converting any mis-spoken comment into a more positive one – watching like a hawk for who might be being deeply affected but saying nothing – these are the skills of Mastermind Coaching.

And that’s after you’ve recruited team players, blended them in fabulous, balance groups and assuaged their fears before they even start. Masterminding is an amazing tool – but it can so easily be done badly. If you run amazing workshops, you’ll pick up Masterminding very quickly. Do please take the time to ensure that your clients experience the real value of a well run Mastermind team!

I’ve been in a great Mastermind and I have years of coaching experience already

Great – then you are going to do just dandy!

You’ll know how to keep everyone to time, keep the team spirit up, be assertive and warm with the group, bring it on time and create a space for transformation easily every time.

I wish you every success and can’t wait to hear all about your success. Lets stay in touch – you’re obviously on your way to the top.

I’ve worked with clients for years why do I need this?

Excellent and lovely that you’re here.

But in all that work, were you creating Masterminds for these clients? They’re a different beastie Deceptively simple in process, really freaking hard to do right on the day.

I’ve heard of very well known coaches dropping the ball on their Mastermind groups (often clients come to me in bits afterwards, really feeling they’ve wasted their money with these people – and bad mouthing them. No-one wants that kind of word-of-mouth). Obviously there are some brilliant Masterminds out there. But there are also some terrible ones. How does it happen? Perhaps they believe that having done so much in other areas of coaching this one will be fine with no work.

Masterminds are different, and do need extra care to create community and keep them running to time and well.

Isn’t Mastermind just a meeting?

Well, yes… but that’s like asking isn’t coaching one-to-one just a conversation? Yes, in essence they are. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s not one to many, it’s a group of minds working together. There’s a container for the team to work in unison – like a hive producing beautiful honey and creative output.

We’ve all suffered through terrible meetings, that ramble on and achieve nothing. Masterminds can be like that if the lead coach doesn’t know what they’re doing, or have a really close handle on the shape of the whole program. There’s an arc to the progress of the clients, and part of the Mastermind Coaches job is to hold that vision for the whole group as well as for each member.

I don’t have time for training, I have to SELL the Mastermind!

And what happens when it’s full and you don’t actually know how to deliver it?

I’ve had plenty of panicked calls at that point – even from some well known people who’ll remain nameless to protect their reputations – saying basically, ‘what the hell do I do now? Tell me how to make this really good, Liz’.

And I do. And I can help you in the same way too.

I need marketing help not help running the groups!

That’s what the Marketing Bonus is all about – it gives you the three most important things for Marketing – info on finding out more about your avatar, how to put a sales page together and how to run a sales call.

Do remember though – this isn’t a specialist marketing course. There are lot of those already – this is unique, it’s the only program solely focused on creating and running Mastermind programs. And that makes it particularly special.

This will help you create a program so good that word of mouth on it will be astounding, your clients will rave and it’ll sell itself… once you’ve run a few of them. That’s how most of my programs fill. Although, despite being not specifically about marketing – being really clear on the content of your Mastermind and the exact ways it will help your clients will make it easier to share that in your copy and your sales calls.

And – although this isn’t the main thrust of the group if you have branding questions, I have worked in marketing and branding for a long time. During 10 years working in post-production for commercials, I worked with all of the top 50 ad agencies in the world, putting together many strong brands.

After that, I spent the next 10 years in film – and worked with world famous directors and creatives doing much award winning work. My work has been seen by millions worldwide and it’s won armfuls of international awards. I’ve been flown to Milan for the afternoon just to be at a meeting with Ogilvy. I’ve sat down to lunch to run through the nitty gritty at such big names as Saatchis, McCann Erikson and Grey – I’ve even been the only in house graphics expert at specialist Branding agencies and talked creative with the best in the business. And last but not least in the last two years, I’ve been very quietly writing copy for a select few of my premium clients… mostly for sales, and often for their Mastermind campaigns.

So no, this isn’t a marketing course – but if you want to take the conversation in that direction I can give you input. Though I’d also rather you fell as deeply in love with Masterminding as I have and learn the process from the ground up. Truly your clients will thank you for it.

Is there a refund if I think it's rubbish?

OK. So this is really important. I want you to feel great about your investment here, so there is a refund if you come to first day of  training and stay through the first two sessions till lunch and still find there is nothing of value at all for you there, I’ll refund 100% of your fees. But you must show up and I need to see that you’re engaged and paying attention.

If having done that, it’s still of no use to you – apart from being very surprised, as it’s never happened –  I’ll give you a full refund and release you from the above terms and conditions if you’re signed up for further Masterminds. You just need to ask me as we close out the second session and I’ll make arrangements then.

I’m utterly confident that the training is so good and so engaging that you’ll be totally satisfied. But I want you to feel great as you go into this – so this guarantee is so you are totally covered.

But… once you’re through that part there are no refunds. So if you are bold and brave and you really want to change things in your business, then step up and commit and this – right here, right now – is where you take the next big step to actually making that happen.

Can I run Mastermind groups for my industry?

Yes! Mastermind suit all industries (or all industries I’ve ever encountered).

Such as (but in no-way limited to):

  • Weight loss
  • Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Health and lifestyle changes
  • Health support as clients recover from illness, trauma or loss
  • Grief work
  • Entrepreneurial growth
  • Installation of new systems into companies
  • Absolutely anything that has regular staged goals
  • Writing groups are actually Masterminds
  • House building

Will this guarantee success?

No! You’ll get out of this course – just like every course – what you put in.

If you want fast answers and no setup work, then this isn’t for you. Once you’ve been through the training you’ll have all the tools you need to make fabulous choices for your groups and feel confident running brill meetings – but you’ll still need to do well and coach your heart out.

If it all sounds too time consuming – please look at my Mastermind Concierge service. I’ll happily run your Mastermind for you – I’ll do everything from setting them up and interviewing clients, to running them so they’re smooth as silk. I do that for my high end clients like Jonathan Fields and Kathy Caprino. Prices start at $7,500k

What if I miss a session?

All the sessions are recorded – both Masterminds and Training sessions. I would encourage you to not miss anything.

So if you miss something, you can listen to the recordings at your leisure. However, it’s not the same, and obviously you’ll not be able to ask questions then and there or ask for immediate clarification on things. I very much encourage you not to miss any of the training if you possibly can avoid it, as this is where you’ll be able to ask me questions directly.

Will it be recorded?

Well assuming hideous tech monsters don’t attack us mid session (and just once I was running a group in a building that was hit by lightening mid call – so tech errors can be fairly random). But assuming that doesn’t happen, I share the audio file after the Mastermind session – sometimes the video file too, if there’s a lot of screen sharing (or I’m on particularly fast wifi!) The audio file is pleasingly small so you can load onto your mp3 player or phone and listen to anywhere you fancy – in the car or on your commute are obviously ideal, but the washing up seems a popular choice

Will you just do it all for me?

Yes! Please see The Mastermind Concierge Service here – prices start at $7500k for set up of Masterminds and then a minimum of $1000 per month, per 5 clients. Me and my team will interview your clients, put them into groups that work beautifully and we’ll even run the monthly groups for you. You can have as much or as little client contact as you desire. Some of my clients make monthly guest appearances with their Mastermind groups, some not at all for the whole program. It’s entirely up to you.

When's it all going down - what are the dates?

Tuesday June 11th – 10am-5pm Eastern

Wednesday June 12th – Noon – 4.30pm Eastern

Thursday June 13th – Noon – 4.30pm Eastern

And it’s all online so you don’t have to go anywhere. No flight costs, no hotels.

You don’t even need to dress up – we can only see you from the shoulders up, so dress in your fave yoga pants and get learning in your front room.

This is what my Mastermind clients are saying:

Wouldn’t it be great if you’re clients raved about you like this?

You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise

I love how you give feedback. It’s why you are really, really excellent at running masterminds. I always feel confident you’ll give me clear help, whether we’re discussing course structure, website copy or business plans. Even your voice is soothing. You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise.

Mel Charbonneau

Co-Founder, Fellow Flowers, Madison, USA

I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow

Liz Scully is my go-to when I am stuck. While working with her, she has coached me through the fundamentals of fine tuning my vision, avatar, and messaging. The year of masterminding with her, my list grew 4x, my copywriting had more impact on my readers, I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow, and discovered my overall inner confidence strengthened and I really stepped into owning my value. Basically… if you choose not to work with Liz, you’ll miss out insane amounts of growth and lots of full-bellied giggles. It was an honor to work with such a caring and yet badass superwoman as Liz!

Christina Salerno

Job Role, Living Quirky

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that’s been running your world

In one session, Liz helped me distill my decades of professional experience, assumptions, values, fears, passions and confusion into a crystal ball of realization. So just imagine what one of her Mastermind programs will do for your career and/or life. She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that’s been running your world for far too long. It’s her sneaky ability to wallop you upside the head with amazing clarity, been-there-done-that wisdom, and a huge dose of enthusiasm that that will make you say, “Where have you been all my life?”

Matt Olin

Owner, Matt Olin Creative, Charlotte, NC, USA, Matt Olin Creative

It made me think about how many outdated scripts and stories I’m telling myself

I realized that one of the things the group has been really helping me with is in confidence building. I need to have more confidence in myself and the way I work. So, I don’t know if this is typical Mastermind stuff, but it’s a big part of what I’ve been taking from our group. Simply having one of my group say that she thinks I do handle conflict well made me think about how many outdated scripts and stories I’m telling myself. It’s really been a huge help to me — it’s personal growth, but it’s absolutely related to my work.

Sutton Long

Art director & Owner, Sutton Long Graphic Design, San Francisco, USA, Sutton Long Graphic Design

I was a wreck business wise – but now I’m following my passion

Before I started masterminds and coaching with miss Liz Scully, I was a wreck business wise – but now I’m following my passion, my dream and creating a business that I love.

Brandon Wagner

Owner/Designer Easy Garden BagsOwner/Designer Easy Garden Bags, Baltimore, Maryland, Easy Garden Bag

Liz is a master at managing the masters

She’s above and beyond in her support. If you’re considering, jump in. It’s a brilliant chance to revamp or start up with support.

Heidi Marshall

Director & Actor Coach, NYC,

A support system that holds you to your highest and supports you during your lowest

During the year I spent in one of her masterminds, I experienced two of the most challenging experiences of my life and Liz was right there, through and through, reminding me each step of the way of my successes and accomplishments, what was working and what was right, the light within the dark. Liz’s support (as well as the support of the other angels in my Mastermind group) was off the charts, when I needed it most and that’s what stands out to me most. If you’re looking to tap into a support system that holds you to your highest and supports you during your lowest then join one of Liz’s masterminds, you won’t regret it.

Ken Fried

Creator & Coach at Ken Fried, Florida, USA,

Dropping a well-placed ‘f$ck’ at just the right moment in a coaching session

No one is better than Liz at dropping the well-placed ‘f$ck’ at just the right moment in a coaching session. Her sense of humor makes it easier to digest hard but necessary truths one might not like to face. She’s no-bullshit, compassionate coach. In mastermind groups, Liz ensures that everyone feels heard and asks questions that lead to greater insights for the person in the hot seat and the entire group. I emerge from Liz’s Mastermind with greater clarity and direction for my business. In one-to-one coaching, Liz delivers practical, actionable steps that yield immediate results. As soon as I get off the call, I leap into action and get more done than I have for the week before. 

Kerra Bolton

CEO, Working Title Media, Raleigh, NC, USA, Working Title Media

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so you know you’re safe

This is really important. I want you to feel ace about your investment here, so there’s a refund if you attend live the first two modules and still find there is nothing of value for you, I’ll refund 100% of your fees. But you must show up and I need to see that you’re engaged and paying attention.

If having done that, it’s still of no use to you – apart from being very surprise as it’s never actually happened – I’ll give you a full refund and release you from my terms and conditions. You just need to ask me as we close for lunch and I’ll make arrangements then and there.

No-one has ever asked for a refund by the way – I’m utterly confident that the training is so good and so engaging that you’ll be totally satisfied. But I want you to feel great as you go into this – so this guarantee has you totally covered.

But… once you’re through that part (after the second module on the first Mastering Mastermind training day) then please read the T&C very carefully.

Make sure you read these terms and conditions:

Full guarantee as above. Try the training and you’re protected

After that no refunds. 

Obviously I understand life happens – and big things can sometimes get in the way. So if you can’t make it to live training you’ll have all the recordings to download and keep. But there will be no refunds if you’re simply not on the calls.

But if you are bold and brave and you really want to change things in your business, then step up and commit and this – right here, right now – is where you take the next big step to actually making that happen.

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