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MasterClass training is open to everyone.

Free training led by the needs of the community (when I hear clients asking for more information, I put something together for them… and now you). 

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A treasure trove of MasterClasses past

We’ve covered Marketing, Strategy, Branding and how to run a Mastermind group.
See something you fancy? There’ll be even more in the coming year

Avatar: ideal customers, go deeper, achieve more

Ideal customer avatars are the key to attracting the right clients. However producing them is often time consuming and painful. Even then, the resulting avatar is flimsy and not overly useful. Using techniques from my 10 years in branding working alongside some of worlds best advertising agencies and fun film techniques I’ll show you how to create a super clear back story for you avatar.

You’ll dive deep and know your customers better – plus, you’ll find the creation experience rewarding not draining.

Coaching to a close: Non-slimy sales calls

When you’re truly serving your clients, you’re not selling at all just presenting options that are a good fit. For years now I’ve used value-added sales techniques – which is a fancy way of saying, even if someone doesn’t buy from me, they’ll receive value from the sales experience itself.

In particular there’s a clear and easy way to coach clients for 30 mins or so and then, if they’re a good fit, close them. It’s great for you and your client – nothing feels sleazy or skeevy and your client will be enriched even if they decide not to buy from you (though they usually do)

The Mastermind Framework: the 30 minute version LIVE

The ultra condensed version of Mastering Mastermind (which is normally 3-days long) so this is very much the overview!

It gives you the 30,000 foot view on the how and why of Masterminds.

You’ll learn:

  • The exact Mastermind structure I use
  • Why free groups rarely work
  • The simple way to fill your Mastermind groups (most people don’t do this)

Go Large! Packaging your product

Add depth to your range of products by ‘packaging’ them together to become more than the sum of their parts. Add a retreat to a series of 1-2-1 sessions and you’ve got a something much more powerful than either alone. Add in an online course and you’re really changing lives.

This fast 30 min training is truly eye opening to the true value of your coaching.  It’s during the expanded version of this module in Mastering Mastermind that big breakthroughs happen.

Sales and Marketing funnels – what’s the difference?

Your sales funnel is what you sell, how it leads clients from one product to another. Your marketing funnel is how you lead your clients to buying from you in the first place. But where does one start and one stop and how do you get super clear on where your business has a gap?

When I work with a new business they’ve almost always got an issue somewhere in one of these funnels. Let’s get you clear on where your gap might be.

Structuring your Marketing Funnel

Once you’re clear on your products, your pricing and your sales funnels, it’s time to get really clear on your Marketing funnel. There are many ways to do this and many people teaching this area – but before you can follow a formula, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve.

We’ll whizz through the overview, get you clear on what’s possible and wade through the options so you can be clear on the best option for your business

Money leaks: The five places to look in your business

Working with successful small businesses over many years has shown me that almost all of them (including my own) have the same areas of weakness. When I dig in the same places – sales, marketing, staffing and pricing models – I almost always discover places to improve.

And there’s one area that can ALWAYS be improved… the owner is doing something daft. Spend an hour learning where you can search in your own business to improve efficiency and bottom line.

Create your social media calendar: the toolkit

Always a popular session with clients. We’ll go through a simple process to come up with a lot of content ideas quickly.

Once you’ve got a content calendar set up, it’s just a matter of working through it to keep your blogs, youtube channels, tweets and other channels nicely filled up. You’ll feel productive and on top of things with this simple framework

The Art of the Unsaid – Body language

Our bodies leak information about our real mindstate all the time. Being able to see when a client is uncomfortable or hiding something can allow you to unlock deep change – as well as protect yourself from deception in everyday business deals.

Years of studying the animation in film combined with deep training aimed at CIA, FBI and hostage negotiation allows me to see more than what is said. In this training I’ll share some of the most popular and fascinating training from my Mastermind Coaches training, Mastering Mastermind.

Not just for coaches – this is for everyone who works with humans.

The Hero’s Journey & Copywriting

The Hero’s Journey and how to use it in your copy to create stories that draw your clients in.

If you’re new to the Hero’s Journey I’ll explain that structure before we dive in – it’s the compelling framework that is behind almost all stories (and definitely behind all really memorable ones)

Emotional Arcs: Film techniques for every life (and your business)

Taking the Hero’s Journey structures even further. We’ll be looking at how even if we don’t realise it, we’re surrounded by the Hero’s Journey and the character development arc that comes with it.

We’ll particularly look at how the arc can be used to improve customer service, increase conversion and even as a way to help clients get more from coaching. After this class you’ll be seeing emotional arcs everywhere.

The Master Class Series

All of these classes plus more

Avatar: your ideal customer, go deeper, achieve more

Coaching to a close: Non-slimy sales calls

Mastermind the overview

Packaging your products

Sales and Marketing funnels – what’s the difference?

Structuring your Marketing Funnel

Money leaks: The five places to look in your business

Create your social media calendar: the toolkit

The Art of the Unsaid – Body language

The Hero’s Journey & Copywriting

Emotional Arcs: Film techniques for every life (and your business)

Dates will be confirmed nearer to the time to allow fluidity of content.

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