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Creating a Mastermind Group?

Know your current group could be even better?

Borrow my Experience and get all your Mastermind questions answered

I specialise in putting Mastermind Programs together. I’ve worked with:

 Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project Kathy Caprino of The Amazing Career Project Julia Pimsleur of Million Dollar WomenTim Brownson of A Daring Adventure and Jadah Selner of Simple Green Smoothies for her high end Mentorship program, as well as scores of other coaches and talented individuals who want to ensure brilliant results and an excellent experience for their clients.

Setting up a Mastermind sounds so easy on the surface – it’s just a group meeting, right? But…

  • Just how often do you run the sessions?
  • How many people should be in a group?
  • What will you do if you get someone who’s really awkward?
  • How do you keep things to time?
  • What software should I use?
  • What structure do you need?
  • Should there be an arc for the whole thing?
  • Do you send out paperwork before everything starts?
  • And if so – what on earth should be in that?

I will help you with all of this:


Do I have a good niche for a Mastermind? •    

How do I know if I’ll be good at this? •    

How can I tell if someone is a good fit for a Mastermind? •    

What is the best structure for my program? •    

How do I build the community so they support each other? •    

My flagship Mastering Mastermind program answers all these questions in depth. And also covers the three pillars of Mastermind and the four different sessions you’ll need to run. Plus how to read unspoken body language to unlock deep shifts.

Currently the program’s closed to new clients (get on the waitlist here) and you need help right now. Perhaps you’re launching very soon and you want these questions answered for your sales page and all that marketing. You need answers.

And I will do that. I know Masterminds inside out. Almost no-one specialises just in this and definitely no-one with 20 years of putting film crews together and making sure brilliant people achieve more together than apart.

Here’s how it works:

Simply request a session using the form below (scroll down if you don’t see it). We’ll confirm date, time and payment, then you’ll get a pre-session questionnaire to complete and return to me pronto.

At the scheduled time, we’ll jump on a video conference in Zoom (which is also the software I use for Masterminding, so you’ll get a feel for if that’s going to work for your as well). We’ll start strategic, covering mindset, fears and any underlying issues. Then together we’ll laser focus on your specific questions.

At the end of the session you’ll have a to-do list, a clear set of answers and a recording of the session so you can go back over the details as often as you like.

Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time

Quite honestly I have no idea what I’d have done without Liz to guide me. It’s not enough just to have people who want to join you in a mastermind you also have to deliver massive value and know how to do that in a structured format beneficial to all members.

Liz wasn’t afraid to point out my stupid ideas (in a gentle way) and she delivered massive value to me and I’m not sure I could have done it without her. Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time.

Tim Brownson

Life Coach who Gets People Unstuck, A Daring Adventure

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru for the Amazing Career Project and my Amazing Career Certification Program for coaches.I chose her program to compliment my deep training because the powerful, unique support of Liz's Masterminds helps my clients in practical, effective ways as they move forward applying everything they've learned.

Kathy Caprino

Women's Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Founder of, The Amazing Career Project

She made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us

Liz was instrumental in helping to structure our Mastermind program for the 2015 GLP Immersion program. From intake interviews to group organization and then facilitation, she made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us.

Bottom line - if you want someone to help organize and lead Masterminds for your organization, or if you want to participate in a well run, joyful, results-oriented group, Liz is a great person to work with.

Jonathan Fields

Entrepreneur and founder, The Good Life Project

Liz had such a wealth of experience

There was a lot more to running a mastermind than I had first realised. She gave me a solid structure to work with and made it sound easy. I can't wait to run my first mastermind!

Cat Le Blanc

Business Strategist,, Cat Le Blanc

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world

In one session, Liz helped me distill my decades of professional experience, assumptions, values, fears, passions and confusion into a crystal ball of realization. So just imagine what one of her Mastermind programs will do for your career and/or life.

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world for far too long. It's her sneaky ability to wallop you upside the head with amazing clarity, been-there-done-that wisdom, and a huge dose of enthusiasm that that will make you say, “Where have you been all my life?"

Matt Olin

Owner, Matt Olin Creative, Charlotte, NC, USA, Matt Olin Creative

Dropping a well-placed 'f$ck' at just the right moment in a coaching session

No one is better than Liz at dropping the well-placed 'f$ck' at just the right moment in a coaching session. Her sense of humor makes it easier to digest hard but necessary truths one might not like to face. She's no-bullshit, compassionate coach.

In mastermind groups, Liz ensures that everyone feels heard and asks questions that lead to greater insights for the person in the hot seat and the entire group. I emerge from Liz's Mastermind with greater clarity and direction for my business. In one-to-one coaching, Liz delivers practical, actionable steps that yield immediate results. As soon as I get off the call, I leap into action and get more done than I have for the week before. 

Kerra Bolton

CEO, Working Title Media, Raleigh, NC, USA, Working Title Media

$160,000 EXTRA in the next 12 months

As an advertising industry entrepreneur, I appreciate a quick mind and my hour of coaching with Liz left me amazed at how much money I'd been unwittingly leaving on the table. In one deal alone I could find at least $40k we'd let slip and adding these up over the year means we should be able to pull in over $160k extra in the next 12 months. It's amazing how quickly she pinpointed the problem.

Deanna Oliphant

Owner, Brain Shift Media, Toronto, Canada, Brain Shift Media

I get SO much support from this amazing group of people

Liz has two gifts: one is the knack for putting people together in a mastermind. Some of us hardly knew each other beforehand, but now feel like fierce family, and our personalities and businesses perfectly tesselate.

Her other, is how she leads them. I have been reduced to speechless head shaking at how artfully she's dealt with us in all manner of states of minds - from zealously over-excited to terrified to overcome with emotion. 

Marsha Shandur

Founder at Yes, Yes Marsha, Toronto, Canada, Yes! Yes! Marsha

Increased my productivity 57%

This opportunity to work with Liz has increased my productivity 57% and my tendency to smile during the day by 94%.  I couldn't have done it with out Liz!

Barry Solway

Author, Boulder, Colorado, USA,

You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise

I love how you give feedback. It’s why you are really, really excellent at running masterminds. I always feel confident you’ll give me clear help, whether we’re discussing course structure, website copy or business plans. Even your voice is soothing. You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise.

Mel Charbonneau

Co-Founder, Madison, USA, Fellow Flowers

Read more testimonials here


How long is the Mastermind Clinic Intensive?

The intensive is usually 60 minutes long – but at present I’m offering 90 minutes for the price of 60.

So we can dive really deep into your Mastermind questions. This offer will run till 25 February 2016

Will it be recorded?

Yes! We’ll do the call in Zoom, the video conferencing software I use for all my Masterminds. So we can see each other easily and you can decide if it’s for you and your clients.

After our call you’ll get an audio file of our chat through dropbox, so you can review the details whenever you need to review. The audio file is pleasingly small so you can load onto your mp3 player or phone and listen to anywhere you fancy – in the car or on your commute are obviously ideal, but the washing up seems a popular choice.

Just occasionally there is something that goes wrong with the recording. For instance, I was running a Mastermind in a building that was hit by lightening mid call – so tech errors are rare, but do happen occasionally…

Who are you and why should I care?

Check out the full testimonial page here. We’re adding more all the time – so do check them out.

For more about me check the about page.

But the short answer is I’m one of very few Mastermind specialists. This is my zone of genius and I am quietly working to make sure that the quality of Masterminds is improved everywhere through my work with other coaches, both running groups for them and training coaches to run truly kick-ass groups. I learned how to do this so well from years working in film putting highly skilled film crews together, while running my own business. And now I’m more than mildly Mastermind obsessed. I run around 8 Masterminds a week.

However, my true obsession is, of course, cake. It’s a metaphor for life. A very delicious metaphor at that. I consider myself a cake connoisseur.

What if I miss the call?

If you cancel or no-show within 24 hours of the call, there’s no refund.

Before then we can reschedule. You wouldn’t be late for your clients, don’t be late for this.

Booking & Fee


The fee for the Mastermind Clinic sessions is $1550,
paid in advance via Paypal.

If, at the end of our time together, you genuinely believe you haven’t received a single idea worth many times the value of that fee, tell me then and there and I will refund the fee. 
(Just so you know – that’s never happened).

Get all your questions answered by me in your Mastermind Clinic

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