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Mastermind Handbook

Create brilliant Mastermind groups

Everyone seems to be

talking about Mastermind programs

And don’t they look great? Your clients get deep transformation and brilliant support and it could be a brilliant bump to your bottom line. $5000, often $10,000 or $15000 for the whole program. Really high end ones go all the way up to $100,000 a year. Sell 5, or even 10, of those and look how the money rolls in. They’re excellent upsells to your training programs.

And once they’re up and running, they’re low maintenance and the groups almost run themselves. They can run for a month or as long as a year (or even longer – I have some groups that have been running for years, providing consistent results and consistent income for all that time).

Tempting isn’t it?

Think what a few of those could do to your bottom line in January

Sell them through December and you can rest easy over the holidays and your clients will have the safety of knowing that this year their New Year resolutions are all covered. They’ll have brilliant change and you’ll have a heap of income for the year straight out the gate. You’ll be able to invest in courses and infrastructure. Perhaps get that VA you’ve always meant to get, or a second one. Have a properly managed launch at last and be able to see long term change with your client as the months roll by.

Masterminds could change everything in your business

You want to give your clients the most astounding experience. You want to change the world. You want to earn good money and you see everyone in the coaching world putting ‘Mastermind’ on their sales pages. They’re expensive, they’re sexy. You want some of that. Hell, maybe you’ve even sold a whole Mastermind. The money is coming in. Clients are excited. YOU’RE excited.

Thing is… you don’t actually know how to run a brilliant Mastermind

Even worse – perhaps you’ve never even been in a brilliant Mastermind group. How on earth are you going to run one that is so good your clients can’t stop talking about it?

Sure you can coach one to one, but it’s different in a group – and this isn’t even group coaching.

Mastermind is different:

  • What do you talk about?
  • How do you structure it?
  • What happens if there’s someone who’s a bad fit for the group?
  • How do you blend the group together so they work as a team?
  • How do you ensure everyone has a good experience?
  • What about timekeeping?
  • What if someone won’t stop talking… or worse, someone else won’t even start?
  • What if there’s tears?
  • How do you ensure it all goes well?

Think how upsetting that first day would be if there’s silences and sweaty pauses. That feeling of nausea as the slow dawning of everyone having paid thousands of dollars for an experience that isn’t just average… it’s below par. There’s grumbling, there’s eye rolling. An hour after you get off the call there’s a request for their money back. Awful.

These are your high end clients, they deserve the very best from you – and you have no idea how to make sure they love the Mastermind program. Sure you know how to coach – but this, this is different. This is intense personal group work and it’s more than a meeting, it’s not like training, it’s different to a workshop… how on earth can you sure you give a brilliant Mastermind?

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if you knew exactly how to run the group?

If when the day of your first Mastermind roles round, you’re clear and calm. Your clients have a clear set of guidelines sent out ahead of time. They know how to get the most out of Mastermind, and more importantly you know how to run a brilliant Mastermind. When you start the first session – you know each person in the group – you know their goals, how they’ll add value to the group, how you can help them. You have a plan that makes it all flow smoothly together. You’ve got this. You’re in control for the next 2 hours. Hell, you’re in control for the next 6 months. These clients are going to have an excellent experience.

That first meeting will be warm and reassuring – they’ll know they’re in good hands. As the weeks roll by, the team dynamic will build. You’ll start getting warm emails thanking your privately. There are referrals, lovely things said on Facebook, you hear great things from other people at events – because your clients rave about you. They’ll be talking about this for years to come. Your Mastermind group not only receives help, but they’ll support each other and work together and see deep and lasting change. All your work will be realised and you’ll feel confident and ready to roll.

Knowledge is power

or in this case knowledge is the balm that lets you sleep at night in the

weeks coming up to your Mastermind starting.

What is the secret of Mastermind?

And can you learn it quickly enough to launch this year?

Hell yes! The skills are learnable and transferable. You can pick them up quickly once you know what they are – seeing a Mastermind group work well over and over again week after week. Seeing how it all holds together and growing with your colleagues in the group. Plus you’ll have people to practise with, learn from and of course, allies for joint ventures going forwards.

The Mastermind Handbook will give you all the information you need

Get on the waitlist and be the first to get it (at a huge discount too)

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