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Want a top notch Mastermind Program

but no time to set it up yourself?

Crafting a fabulous Mastermind Program takes time – first you have to screen all the applicants and make sure they’re a good fit. Then you have to put them into balanced groups. And then you have to run the groups week after week for months.
It’s a lot of work

Sure, you can not spend quite as much time on each stage – but then you’ll get considerably less good results. That’s why there are a lot of not so great Masterminds out there (and a chunk of things that think they’re Masterminds are just plain aren’t – but that’s for another time…)

You want your clients to have amazing transformations, deep shifts and to rave about the program. You know you have the experience and pull to fill a high end program.

And you see how much your colleagues are charging for their Mastermind programs. It’d be a good healthy bump for your bottom line.  But there’s so much time involved with running them.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert to just do all the dull bits?

We’ll do all the complex setup for you to ensure an Ace Mastermind.

(We actually LOVE it!)

We’ll handle the admin, the consult calls, the mechanics and day to day running of the Mastermind. Then you just sweep in for the calls to dazzle your clients. You’ll be fresh and energised as the routine work is being handled by us. Or we can even do it all – all the setup, all the coaching. Everything. So you don’t have be involved at all and still get an amazing Mastermind program. Daring thought, eh?

Think how much time you’d save

You’d have the Mastermind program running and giving great value and you don’t have to do anything at all. Your clients are having a whale of time in the Mastermind Program, being supported through deep shifts and change. And you can concentrate on giving your clients amazing one to one sessions, brilliant Office Hours and dream up new fabulous courses for them to run through.

A high end Mastermind is a premium product that clients love.

Really big name coaches don’t run their own Mastermind Programs.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help. We do everything from the Mastermind set up and placing into groups, to the full Mastermind Concierge Service where you do no more than point us at your signed up clients and we do the rest. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered

Scroll down and use the contact form to get in touch.

Let’s get your Mastermind set up!

What our fabulous clients say

Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time

Quite honestly I have no idea what I’d have done without Liz to guide me. It’s not enough just to have people who want to join you in a mastermind you also have to deliver massive value and know how to do that in a structured format beneficial to all members.

Liz wasn’t afraid to point out my stupid ideas (in a gentle way) and she delivered massive value to me and I’m not sure I could have done it without her. Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time.

Tim Brownson

Life Coach who Gets People Unstuck, A Daring Adventure

She made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us

Liz was instrumental in helping to structure our Mastermind program for the 2015 GLP Immersion program. From intake interviews to group organization and then facilitation, she made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us.

Bottom line – if you want someone to help organize and lead Masterminds for your organization, or if you want to participate in a well run, joyful, results-oriented group, Liz is a great person to work with.

Jonathan Fields

Entrepreneur and founder, The Good Life Project

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru for the Amazing Career Project and my Amazing Career Certification Program for coaches.I chose her program to compliment my deep training because the powerful, unique support of Liz’s Masterminds helps my clients in practical, effective ways as they move forward applying everything they’ve learned.

Kathy Caprino

Women's Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Founder of, The Amazing Career Project

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