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A quick spin through the Mastermind Framework:

and why you want to be running one.

One hour training on what Masterminds are all about – the different types, how they can fit together with an online course, who runs them and the sort of money you can make from your first one. Then there’s a few real-life examples of alums of Mastering Mastermind on what they’re doing and how they’re getting on a few years down the line from getting stuck into Masterminds. This is a good solid primer in Masterminds. 

Earn more Money as a Coach


Mastering Mastermind is open this week till Thursday and you can get in on the June 11-13th training (the only one for this year). This is the best (almost only) training on running Masterminds – and definitely the only training that covers the psychology of group building, body language for coaching. I worked in animation for years and have trained with FBI, CIA and hostage negotiation specialists – I’ll share how you can use all that to unlock your clients and so help them achieve more in your Mastermind groups

Check out Mastering Mastermind here

Be quick though it closes for the year on Thursday evening at midnight pacific

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