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all new information about running Fancy Masterminds

In this training, I run through the information on running high-end Mastermind groups with my concierge clients. These are high ticket weekends that give great results for your clients.

They’re not for everyone – they’re best suited if you’ve already got a good pool of people to draw from. But even if you’re not there yet – do watch to learn the structure, so you’re ready when you have a larger crowd,

Best of all, it’s all pitch free. I love sharing information that will help you succeed. So this is my little gift for you.

Mastering Mastermind runs once a year

If you enjoy this and fancy learning more about running Masterminds:

then check out Mastering Mastermind here.

If you’d like to learn more about how Masterminding could add $3000 a month to your business – check out this blog post:

Earn more Money as a Coach

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Once you’ve read the article you can download the whole thing as a rather handsome ebook (if I do say so myself!) Or just skim the article and learn some things. However you like to learn.

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