The Mastermind Framework Webinar | Feb 2018 - Rethink Central

Check out the MasterClass:

a fresh run through of the Mastermind Framework 


In this training, I run through what Masterminding is all about, the three most common mistakes I see and how much to charge. I also touch on timings and structure.

Plus I show some of my Mastering Mastermind Alums as real world examples of how much people really earn running Masterminds in their first year or two.

And best of all, it’s all pitch free. Very little free training is totally just for your benefit… this is! Just part of the service as you’re part of my community. Consider it a little thank you, or Valentines gift, from me to you.


Mastering Mastermind runs twice a year

As you’ll learn in the MasterClass, you’ll recoup the entire cost of tuition with your very first Mastermind.

If you’d like to learn more about how Masterminding could add $3000 a month to your business – check out this blog post:

Earn more Money as a Coach

Click the pic to be whisked to the article

Once you’ve read the article you can download the whole thing as a rather handsome ebook (if I do say so myself!) Or just skim the article and learn some things. However you like to learn.

Glad you’re part of my community. Ping me if you’ve got questions.

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