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What glass ceiling?

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Goals

“When it comes to achieving goals, there is one primary rule – you have to actually set goals.”
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These people are just bursting through any of life’s limitations and achieving all the things we’d like to have and do.

But, there’s no glass ceiling over your head. You can do exactly the same; it’s all a matter of what you set your mind to doing.

When it comes to achieving goals, there is one primary rule – you have to actually set goals. Yes, you can
accomplish things without consciously doing it, but then it is all haphazard; you never know what you are going to get. Setting goals is the only way to achieve what you truly want.

If you set small goals though, guess what you will get – small rewards. That’s because you are only working towards the minimum.

Conversely, ambitious goals (the kind that seem infinitely larger than you) will produce tremendous results.

It is just that simple, but there is one, ahem, minor caveat to that logic: you need to put in the effort required to achieve your goals. Fortunately, you’re more than capable of doing so; you just need to get busy doing it.

Take action!

Go on, get started. If you want to bust through that imaginary glass ceiling, there’s no time to waste. Get moving on your goals now.

  • Review your goals and write them down. Research shows that the simple act of committing goals to paper yields better results.
  • Break your goals into the smallest possible pieces. Figure out what you need to do, then break them down even further – only then should you start assigning due dates.
  • Keep yourself healthy; nothing is standing in the way of your accomplishments but you. Don’t let poor health be an excuse for not achieving your wildest dreams.


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If you’ve got a wildly high glass ceiling to break through, why not get a coach to help you stay on track? You’ll find yourself outperforming even your expectations. And on that note, why not let us know your thoughts about glass ceilings by posting them below. We absolutely love hearing from our readers.


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