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Making decisions? Use Weighted Decision Making

Got some big decisions to make at the moment?

Perhaps you’ve already made it with your heart, but you’re looking for some logic to back that up?

Don’t worry, most people do that and I’ve got a handy little thing that will help you feel really logical.

It uses spreadsheets and everything. So, it’s got to be good, right? It’s also super easy, super quick and one of the best decision tools I’ve ever used. Result!

Click on the video above to see weighted decision making in action:

No time to watch the video?
Or it won’t play as it requires flash? Watch it here

In a hurry to make that decision? Here’s the skinny:

  • Create a table of all the points you want to consider in your decision. In the columns make the various things your choosing between (in the example, I use different jobs).
  • Run through your table adding values for each – does Job A have better pay than Job B?
  • Once you’re done total up your columns. That’s your unweighted decision.
  • But all things are not equal – some of the factors you’re looking at, are more important than others. So add a multiplier to those.
  • What?!  Don’t panic, it’s very simple, just multiply the numbers in that row by how important it is to you. If good pay is THE most important thing, then multiply that row by 2 (or 4 or however vital it is for you).

Your totals will change and suddenly you’ll see what’s really important to you and how that affects your decision.

Cool, eh?


This is part of an occasional new series of helpful tools I regularly use with clients. Anything from how to organise your day, to make a clearer decision.

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