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Video : Live your perfect life – new and improved!

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Coaching, Coaching Videos, Rethink Central Staff

“So as she knows the value of a coaches advice, she reshot the ending”

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Remember a few weeks back we shared a video from Amsterdam of our founder, Liz talking about how she live her perfect life?

Well take a look at this new version – her own coach has pointed out that perhaps she wasn’t clear what she was offering.

So as she knows the value of a coaches advice, she reshot the ending – and if you watch right through you’ll here her offering a complimentary strategy session.

Get in touch buttonIf you’ve ever wondered about working with a high end coach – this is a way to get a one hour session with Liz herself, to discuss your goals and how we can support you to change. Push the big yellow ‘get in touch’ button now – this offer certainly won’t last for ever.


If you’d like to see some more footage of Liz talking about the important things in her life and how coaching has helped shape that, check out these videos from a series on ‘leadership insights’:

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And if you’re interested in one to one coaching – do get in touch to find out more!

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