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Video: But he looks so young! It’s not unusual

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Inspiration

“Frankly, it is gold.”
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Ok, so we admit, this is less inspiring and just plain, fun. But people, it’s basically Christmas, so sit back and soak in Tom Jones doing his thing in the ’60s.

Check the hair, check the suit, but most of all check the dancing!

I’d never really understood him as a sex symbol before – sure he seems charming and approachable – but sexy? Not so much. But here he is oozing charisma at the peak of his game, giving it all on what appears to be American Bandstand. And, frankly, it is gold.

Press play, sing along and I bet you spend all day humming this.

Sorry about that.


This is part of our ‘Monday Inspiration’ series – videos to inspire the start of your week.

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