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Video : Don’t work yourself to death

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Coaching, Coaching Videos, Life Spring Cleaning, Profile, Rethink Central Staff, Stamina

“In a business which expects you to put in 12 hour days as standard, you can easily get so run down your body starts getting sick.’
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We all know it’s not good to work stupidly long hours.

But when you love your job – it can be hard to remember when to stop working.

Or if, like our Liz Scully, you used to work in a business which expected you to put in 12 hour days as standard, you can easily get so run down your body starts getting sick.

Here Liz talks about her ongoing struggle with this and how very important it is. We’ve all been warned about jobs we hate making us sick – but the same can be true with the ones we love.

For exactly this reason, we’re very big on time management at Rethink Retreats. We even give you a really easy way to manage your time, so you do less and achieve more. Read all about it in our free ebook. Hop over to our main site and download yourself a free copy.

This video is part of the fascinating Leadership Insights program, where business leaders in India are interviewed for their thoughts no a wide range of topics. Check it out – there are some fascinating insights.

Next week, we’ll be sharing the astoundingly inspiring story of a father and son. Get the hankies out, it’s so impressive you might need to dab your eyes afterwards.


For more foolish talk, yet good sense from Liz have a look at this earlier pithy video post:

If you speak from the heart, you can speak the truth

What do you mean, that’s not what they look like in Brazil?

Travel the world and call it work!

And as ever do please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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