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Video : bored at work?

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Inspiration

“The fun you can have with sticky notes”
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This lovely little film is all about the fun you can have with sticky notes at the office.

And why is it here in the heart of Rethink Central? Because, fun as sticky notes are – we want you to love your job and never get this bored.

And funnily enough – we can help you with that! In the autumn, we’ll be bringing you an online course to help you find your perfect career and feel filled full of direction and momentum.

It’s all the work that Liz Scully, our founder does in her private one to one coaching with her high end clients… but in a handy online course, so that it’s available to everyone. Sweet!

Stay tuned, and we’ll be bringing you more information about it as the summer progresses.


This is part of our ‘Monday Inspiration’ series – videos to inspire the start of your week.

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