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Video : Be vulnerable to be happy

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Inspiration

“Taking risk and being vulnerable is part of being human.”
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Now we like a TED talk here at Rethink Retreats – but this one is very special. Brene Brown is a researcher looking into shame and vulnerability.

Her own work took her deep inside herself to the dark crunchy bit. Here she shares what she learned – that to be fully feel joy we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

She studied thousands of people to discover what made them tick. She was searching for what makes us happy and connected, and instead discovered vulnerability is the key.

This is powerful and moving. And more importantly shows that we must open ourselves to all of life to feel true joy. Taking risk and being vulnerable is part of being human.

And if that’s not inspiring for a Monday… well we don’t know what is!


This is part of our ‘Monday Inspiration’ series – videos to inspire the start of your week.

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