Video : 5 minute yoga : wrist stretches at your desk to avoid carpal tunnel - Rethink Central

Video : 5 minute yoga : wrist stretches at your desk to avoid carpal tunnel

by | Feb 22, 2013 | 3 minute workout, 5 min workout, 5 Minute Yoga Video, Rethink Central Staff, Yoga

“Yay for tiny little bits of exercise.”
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At last! Our popular 5 minute yoga series is finally with us a video series.

We’ve been working on this for a while and we have a chunk of helpful tips and sneaky tricks to get yoga into your day. We’re so excited about this, we’re now going to devote Fridays specifically to Sneaky Yoga.

Yay for tiny little bits of exercise.

We’re starting with tips for computer users so you’re fingers and wrists don’t cramp up. Come on, admit it – you work far too long sitting in one place. Why not stand up and give your poor arms a break? They’ll thank you for it.

Go on – follow along as you watch – this first one is only 3 minutes long. You’ll feel great and it’ll only take a moment. And you’re in very safe hands with the lovely Jyoti Sharma.

Not only is she a skilled Bihar yoga teacher and a Rethink Central regular; we happen to know she’s a demon baker as well. A woman who knows how to make a cake will keep your mixing arm safe and strong!


If this video has you champing at the bit for more – fear not – there are plenty more on the way.

In the mean time do check out these earlier posts with more sneaky places to get yoga into your day:

2 minute yoga on the escalators
3 min yoga while brushing your teeth
5 minute Pilates in the car

Or check the main 5 minute exercise program page to see everything in one place.

And do let us know what you think below – or if you’d like us to feature a particular move.


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