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Video : How to achieve your goals

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Coaching Videos, Goals, Inspiration

“Follow Jim’s advice and make a goal list for this year.”
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Wisdom from the great Jim Rohn today. How to achieve your goals, inspire your team and live a generally happy life.

Gosh! But his sensible, step by step approach puts it within all our grasp.

Don’t just watch – Take Action!

Follow Jim’s advice and make a goal list for this year for each topic he mentions:

  • who do you want to meet?
  • which books do you want to read?
  • which places you want to go?
  • what experiences you want to have?
  • describe the education you want for you and your family?

And of course any other lists you fancy. But do it – write them down. As Jim says, it directly affects your bank balance!


This is part of our ‘New Year – New Inspiration’ series – videos to inspire the start of your year.

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If this has inspired you, then why not start setting goals right now?  Planning will bring your dreams into focus and make them goals

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And of course, do share your dreams and plans in the comments below


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