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Time management: instantly increase your productivity

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Time Management, Top 9 Post NEW

“How will you achieve what you set out to do before the holidays begin?”
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When the calendar flips over to September, it’s not unusual to allow that panicky feeling to grow.


How will you get it all done before the end of the year?

How will you achieve what you set out to do before the holidays begin?

It can be easy to give in, believing that what you don’t achieve in time you can always pick up again next year.

But living with these feelings isn’t healthy – not for you or your business. Instead, take the time to get your head back in the game, and change a few habits. There is an easy way to rearrange your time that will make all the difference in your days, weeks, and months.

Rethink Retreats has adopted an easy system of time management that allows us to work cleverly. Even better, it allows for real time to recharge the batteries. Sound terrific doesn’t it?

Following our system, you have three days:

  • Focus days
  • Strategy days
  • Free days

Planning your diary starts with your free time. Although you may have a million things to accomplish, by scheduling time with yourself, your family, and your friends, you create a springboard of enthusiasm when it is time to focus.

After your free days, take a look at the focus days you need in your week. These days are for achieving core business tasks. Little tasks, necessary admin and meetings are for the strategy days. But, within each day, you determine your activities as you please.

We outline the entire system in our complementary eBook: Manage Your Stress. You won’t believe how easy it is to find more time in your days and months by tweaking your schedule according to this system.

Take Action!

Implementing our time management system.

Download you’re free copy of our free stress management ebook from the main Rethink Retreats site

Don’t hesitate to get it. After all, it’s free. (Because we like you!)

We suggest reading through it with a piece of cake next to you rather than, rather than your diary. The compact, but informative chapter on time management outlines this system, and how to implement it.

Then try our simple system for two weeks:

Set a time to work objectively through your upcoming weeks according to the system. Ensure you schedule days to meet your three needs: time off, focus.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers!


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