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StoryLadder: The Biggest Lie I Ever Told

A holiday story


The holidays are stressful

Here’s a tale of tears and lies to share the pain

For no reason at all, here’s a tale to soothe your travel woes and lift the start of your year.

In this video, I’m sharing stories with my pal Marsha Shandur – a thing we often do. She’s an outstanding story coach, fascinating human and if you’re not following her at Yes Yes Marsha do so at once, she’s super smart, fabulously helpful for all story related aspects of your business and her newsletters are hilarious (and much more regular than mine!)


We start with a long and ridiculous story about the biggest lie I ever told. To my shame, this actually got a round of applause and then went rapidly down hill leading to a corridor, a man with a moustache and a gun. Strange times indeed.

Then Marsha leaps in with a brilliant short tale about lying to the queen of England and being immediately rewarded with a chocolate bar. Possibly treason – but quite definitely a pattern around lies forming.

Then she follows this up with an appearance as the mother of god.


There’s nothing for sale in this vid, just two pals sharing foolish stories for your edification. Grab a beverage and settle in.

Stories are always a good strategy (as both our stories prove)

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