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Stuck in the wrong job? Don’t just whinge about it

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Career Course, Prioritising

“You must take action – or you’ll be buried alive ten years from now.”
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Most people could do just about anything they wanted to do. They just need to set their minds to it.

However, often they don’t. Perhaps they got stuck in a dead end job, or worse, stuck in a job they’re really good at,  but secretly loathe.

How does this happen? Well obviously there are many reasons: parental pressure, student loans driving people to take the first job offer, a slow realization that their chosen career wasn’t what they thought it would be, or even an aptitude for science when all they secretly wanted to do was paint…

But once you start climbing the promotions ladder, good pay, prospects and stability can turn into a deadly kiss. You’re unable to leave, but hate every moment.

Worse, you don’t actually know what you would like to do. It all seems too hard. You’ve pushed down your dreams so long, that it’s tricky to unpick what’s would be a good fit, from what is just running away.

If you’re lying awake at 3am every night dreading going to work, it’s time to change things.

You must take action – or you’ll be buried alive ten years from now. The mortgage will be bigger, the salary more tempting, the inertia stopping you from leaving almost impossible to resist.

So don’t do that – take control now.

We’re launching our new career coursein Feb, which is all about the easy actionable steps you can take to work out what will suit your skills, needs, values, joys, morals and more. It’s everything you need to sift through the many things you could be doing and work out what you should be doing. And then we give you the tools you need to put it all into action. And the good news is that none of this is even that difficult. It’s just that we usually don’t take time to do this work till we’re buried in a job we hate and don’t know which direction is best. The course is 10 weeks long, and cut into small time efficient weekly chunks so that you can get on with things quickly and get clear fast. Drop your email in hereto get my ace free training on blasting the blocks to achieving your goals that is part of the course launch.

Take Action!

You don’t have to wait for the career course, you can start immediately working out your next move. Don’t just fester away at your job – decide that you’re going to take action to work out what you should be doing. The first step is commiting to change.

Grab a pad and work out your top 5 skills. Not your qualifications, these are the things that you love doing, that come easily to you. They may well be things that other people comment on your being good at, but that you discount because they come so easily to you.

These are the things you should be capitolising on – think how nice it would be to work in a career focusing only on your strengths.

Once you have the list, begin to assess what other careers would use those same skills in a different way than your current one. This is the way to begin to move your mind into seriously looking for a new career.

This is where coaching and mastermind groups are downright incredible. When you’ve been beaten down doing things you don’t want to, it’s tricky to steer yourself in the right direction – but a mentor can do it almost instantly.


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