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Video : People are amazing

"Well, nothing gets away from the fact that people are amazing in all their forms." Top 9 Posts     So, we've brought you an entire year of Monday morning video inspiration - we've had everything from dancing pencils to how to...

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Video : Stop bullying now : use poetry

"Many different animators have come together to make something even more beautiful than the original speech." Top 9 Posts     If you've not heard this amazing piece before, pull up a chair and prepare to be amazed and...

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Video : The Girl wears a frock well

Something a little different for you this week – though every bit as inspirational – a vintage interview with Edith Head, the Hollywood costume maven who won many Academy Awards for her stunning work. She shows screen tests of Audrey Hepburn for Roman Holiday – which in themselves are bewitching. Plus there’s snippets from the film (and that’s always a winner).

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Video : noBODY can live up to modelling expectations

Something a little different for your Monday kickstart this week – a spoof beauty ad. We confess this made us screech with laughter and have to wipe coffee of our monitors. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that Liz, our founder worked in film and television for many years so has spent more than her fair share of time looking at retouching images.

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Video : Monday adrenalin surge

"Hold onto your hats - it's 4 minutes of 'gosh'." Top 9 Posts     This wonderful video has been doing the rounds recently - but it's so inspiring (and hair raising), that it bears watching again. In fact, at Rethink Central...

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The inspiring story of Karrie Brown

"There is a lesson for us all here - believe in yourself and amazing things can and will happen." Top 9 Posts       Sue Brown is a very proud mother - and justly so. Her daughter has become a model for Wet Seal. That...

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Video : Mesmerising time lapse of a mandala being created

In Tibetan culture one of the most important ceremonies is the creation of the sand mandala. It represents the symbolic universe in perfect harmony and balance. This beautiful ceremony is hypnotising in time lapse. Grab a coffee and spend 6 minutes contemplating a greater world than Monday morning at the office.

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Video : Adrift on the fog of San Francisco

Todays Monday inspirations is a stunningly beautiful film of the fog rolling into in San Francisco in time lapse. We think that it’s so gorgeous and inspiring that you’ll start your week with a little meditation on the beauty of the planet around us.

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Nikki, our goal setting queen

Nikki Ponappa is a career changer, a goal setter, and one of an elite group of Indian sports women. She is also a goal setting demon who changed her whole life by making clear, directed decisions that although brave have lead her to the top of her field.

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