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Branding Quick Tip: how the client sees themselves

It’s all about ‘client ideation’ images.

That sounds pretty fancy, but in today’s blog I’m sharing some of the backend concepts that are run through all of our new brand refresh (that’s all those pictures of retro ladies doing daft things that have suddenly appeared all over the blog).

Why they’re there and what they’re doing is a different story. What I’m sharing today is the more subtle mix of information that’s being projected by pics of groups, couples and people on their own.

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It takes a village

Often running your own business can feel pretty lonely.

Sure you spend many nights up late just you and your laptop vaguely resentful that you’re not out with your pals. Or deeply resentful that you’re not actually asleep right then as you’re-so-goddamn-tired.

Thing is, you’re not alone.

There’s a lot of people supporting you. In my case it’s all these fabulous people (and many, many more)

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Call that what you like – it’s just a martini to me

I’m in NYC at the moment

and, as one does, I had a dirty martini the other night. It was from a ‘curated’ cocktail menu.

I’m not entirely sure what was curated about it as all the signs of NYC fancy bar were not on the menu. There were no special in-house mixers, no foreign spirits I couldn’t pronounce, no fancy home-distilled liquor, their ice program was nothing to write home about and the bartender didn’t even have a beard.

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Who’s responsible for learning?

“Hint: you may think it’s the company you work for, but it’s probably you. There’s been a change in the way work, well, works. Workers no longer have the job security that was once inherent in the system. And, plenty of people just wouldn’t want it if it were offered...

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5 minute yoga while waiting at the bar

"Why not challenge yourself this weekend?" Top 9 Posts   Subscribe to our Ace Newsletter.     Unless you and all your chums arrived in the same car, then it’s likely that someone will arrive early for your night on the town. Believe...

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Harness the power of your to do lists

"Apparently Benjamin Franklin was a list fanatic. So too are Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stewart." Top 9 Posts   Subscribe to our Ace Newsletter.     Why do people make lists? Surely it’s just to keep organized, right? But maybe...

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