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Monthly Q&A Call – December 2018

Monthly Q&A with Liz Scully December 2018 Next Q&A call January 22nd, 2019   Don't miss the next Monthly call Noon Eastern, Jan 22nd, 2019 Ask your questions about January launches and strategies for marketing and indeed the whole year. If you're not already...

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Recruiting the Mouseman

How often should you be promoting your business? Press play for how promotion even works in pyjamas (Warning: there's one rude word in here - so if you're near easily shocked ears - stick your headphones on) That time I helped the Pest Control guy Inside a coaching...

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Monthly Q&A Call – December 2017

Monthly Q&A with Liz Scully December 2017 Next Q&A call January 17th, 2018   Don't miss the next Monthly call 11am Eastern, Jan 17th, 2018 Ask your questions about January launches and strategies for marketing and indeed the whole year. If you're not already...

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Mastermind foolishness through the year

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a Mastermind group?
This foolish little video will show you how I start every single session with the date. I run so many Mastermind groups that it’s important to know which one is which. It allows us this little glimpse of a whole year of Mastermind groups – so many different faces, so many different backgrounds as I move around the world

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Avatar research: deep over ‘good enough’

Done some Avatar work, but it’s not really been that useful?

It may well be that you’ve not gone deep enough. When we really dig in and learn your Avatars deepest concerns and how far back that might go in their life – when you do that you can produce products that support them much more deeply.

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I do not wish you a happy life

No, not a happy life, I wish for you an ecstatic life. One with many highs and lows. One filled with wild flashes of joy and moments of darkness that spur you on to greater things.

Because a happy life, a steady life, a life with no big peaks or troughs, well that’s a life that will have safety but no wild joy. And you deserve to be wildly joyful.

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Avatars: Understanding your clients is key

Being understood is a fundamental human drive
In this video – I discuss why it’s so important to really make the effort to understand your customers and clients.
Research is a fundamental tool for your business. If you go straight to producing product without doing the deep work you’ll probably end up with the wrong products for your people. Sure they’ll look great, but the targeting won’t be spot on and sales will be lacklustre (maybe you’ve already seen that). ⠀

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How to earn more money as a coach

Run Mastermind groups and bring in an extra $3000 a month.

We all want to earn a little more money each month. And if you’re not working with clients in small groups, you’re missing an easy way to boost revenue and offer something fresh for your clients. Mastermind groups are a reliable way to add extra income quickly

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