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Avatar research: deep over ‘good enough’

Done some Avatar work, but it’s not really been that useful?

It may well be that you’ve not gone deep enough. When we really dig in and learn your Avatars deepest concerns and how far back that might go in their life – when you do that you can produce products that support them much more deeply.

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Avatars: Understanding your clients is key

Being understood is a fundamental human drive
In this video – I discuss why it’s so important to really make the effort to understand your customers and clients.
Research is a fundamental tool for your business. If you go straight to producing product without doing the deep work you’ll probably end up with the wrong products for your people. Sure they’ll look great, but the targeting won’t be spot on and sales will be lacklustre (maybe you’ve already seen that). ⠀

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Branding Quick Tip: how the client sees themselves

It’s all about ‘client ideation’ images.

That sounds pretty fancy, but in today’s blog I’m sharing some of the backend concepts that are run through all of our new brand refresh (that’s all those pictures of retro ladies doing daft things that have suddenly appeared all over the blog).

Why they’re there and what they’re doing is a different story. What I’m sharing today is the more subtle mix of information that’s being projected by pics of groups, couples and people on their own.

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Call that what you like – it’s just a martini to me

I’m in NYC at the moment

and, as one does, I had a dirty martini the other night. It was from a ‘curated’ cocktail menu.

I’m not entirely sure what was curated about it as all the signs of NYC fancy bar were not on the menu. There were no special in-house mixers, no foreign spirits I couldn’t pronounce, no fancy home-distilled liquor, their ice program was nothing to write home about and the bartender didn’t even have a beard.

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