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5 tips for networking like a rockstar

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Networking

“Once you’re on the floor, business card in hand, here are a few tips for networking like a rockstar:”



You know you need to network.

You know that it’s the single cheapest way to grow your business (or the connections you need if you’re looking for a career change). It’s just that it’s awfully difficult to get out there and meet new people. That’s why networking events were created.

And they’ve been all the rage for years now.

At every conference and quarter end, there are networking events. Some are for your industry, others are for small business, and there are more that focus on your geographical area. But, all the networking events in the world can’t make the connections your business needs.

You need to do it.

And while networking is excellent for just about any business, it can also be overwhelming. Take a look at last week’s post, The thing we always forget about networking, if you need tips on getting out there.

Once you’re on the floor, business card in hand, here are a few tips for networking like a rockstar:

Focus on people you want to know

Take time to chat before handing over your card and invest in the relationship once you’ve done so.

Begin with the people you already know, but not well

Get to know them better; find out what their spouses and friends and cousins do. Even if you don’t make a business connection, you may just make incredible friends.

Get to know the people who already seem to know everyone

It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but you can guess that most of the people they know already like them. And, if that is true, then they will probably be a pretty likeable person and you’ll like them too.

It isn’t networking if you don’t follow up

Once you receive a card, do something with it. Send an email or give them a call. Invite them to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee; just don’t leave it in a stack of papers and receipts.

Really you know you have to do this – if you skip this step, you’ve not networked… you’ve just collected a stack of business cards.

Start first

Don’t wait for someone to give you their contacts. When you network, look out for the people in your circle, as well as yourself. Networking is the ultimate example of the pay it forward model.

Take Action!

Now’s the time to grow your business with a bit more vigour. See if you can build your network this week.

Try for five new contacts; you could increase your sales before the end of this month. Even if you don’t score yourself new business, you’ll at least feel like a business rockstar.

See you back here next week, when we take networking to a whole new level.


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