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How often should you be promoting your business?

Press play for how promotion even works in pyjamas

(Warning: there’s one rude word in here – so if you’re near easily shocked ears – stick your headphones on)

That time I helped the Pest Control guy

Inside a coaching session:

My client asked:

                       How much promotion should I do? How much did you do at this stage, Liz?

The answer:
             All the time! I wasn’t salesy, but I never stopped talking up the business everywhere I went.


Every flight I took (always in premium economy as wrong demographic in economy and we all lay down and went to sleep in Business so less chit chat). Every conversation in a bar or over dinner.

Not salesy, just always thinking about growing the business. I even sold a program to the Mouseman. In my pyjamas.

Click play to find out what that’s all about. 2 min video – both a peek into the coaching process and… how my mind works.


This coaching session was a 1-2-1 with a Mastermind Client. Masterminds are super effective when backed up with private coaching – it allows clients to ask super specific questions and get exact help where they need it.

If you’d like to run your own Mastermind groups, then make sure you join the next Mastering Mastermind course. It’s my flagship training program. Make sure you hear as soon as it next runs.  Get on the waitlist here.

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