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Why bother? 4 ways to get on with things

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Goals, Prioritising

“Learning without implementing is pointless. Truly.”
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Imagine you’ve booked a December holiday abroad.

(We’d suggest one of our 1 minute holiday destinations, but we’re sure you’ve got some dream travels of your own.)

You’ve researched for hours on the internet, consulted with friends who’ve been there, you’ve booked your airline ticket, you’ve paid a deposit on your hotel room, pre-paid for a discounted car, and you’ve even gone so far as to pack your bags.

And then, for no apparent reason, you just don’t go. You just forego the money and those coveted days of leave, and instead you stay home.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Except, if you’ve put in the hours (and perhaps money) learning how to better yourself or your business – and then you don’t use it – you’ve just done exactly the same thing.

Learning without implementing is pointless. Truly.

And we all do it from time to time. It’s easy to get caught up in the studying aspect, and then struggle to implement what’s been learned. It’s so easy to be too busy. Implementing things takes time, so the new skill goes at the bottom of their to do list. Every day a new task comes in and because we know how to do it, or it feels more urgent, it goes above trying out your new skill.

Unfortunately, it’s roughly the same as paying for a holiday and then arbitrarily skipping it.

When you’ve taken the time (or paid the money) to develop new skills – place those new talents high on your priority list. Otherwise it’s you might as well not have bothered learning how to do it.

Take Action!

Not sure how to implement what you’ve learned when you’re incredibly busy? Try these ideas on for size:

Schedule time to summarise

Take some time to write down a summary of everything you’ve learned. If you have a one stop place to remind yourself of the highlights, you’re more likely to refer back and implement.

Aim to get all the headline actions and ah ha moments into bullet points on one sheet of paper.

Turn your notes into actions steps

And then actively add them to your do lists. If there’s something you still need to learn more about, add learing it into one of your actions.

Daily implementation

Schedule time every day (even if it’s only a small amount of time) to implement steps of your new training. Doing a little every day will bed the ideas into your every day working practises and you’ll be using your new skill without thinking in double quick time.

Break it into smaller chunks

And, if everything still seems terribly insurmountable, perhaps you should learn how to break down your goals.


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