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Prioritise your dream life

by | Nov 13, 2012 | Goals

“Most people have dreams, and goals, they want to achieve.”
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If you’ve been following our blog, you know we spent time last month discussing goal setting.

(And, if you haven’t, now’s a terrific time to head back to previous posts.)

Most people have dreams, and goals, they want to achieve. If you’ve done your goal setting already, chances are that you are diligently working away at reaching those targets. And that’s marvellous.

But, step back for a moment. What does your dream world look like? Where are you working? Do you have more free time? Who are you spending it with? What are you doing? Your goals will probably reflect these desires. Achieving goals is the means to obtaining these dreams.

The extra step is to prioritise the goals that reflect your dream life. You may want a holiday in Bali, but if that isn’t your day-to-day dream life, it shouldn’t be the highest ranking goal. Unless, of course, your dream life is a constant stream of travel and excursions.

Take some time to look at your goals and think about the ones that will make it easier to achieve your dream life. Prioritise these. The process of looking realistically at both your goals and your dream life will tell you what you need to spend time, and energy, doing.

If you have a side project, that is a sure money maker, and that extra bit of income is all that stands between you and renovating your home, don’t you think it may be time to go for it?

While exploring your perfect dream life, you may discover that you want to be able to spend time giving back to the community. If you aren’t doing this already, then perhaps you should be. You may not be able to give as much time as you would like to, but if it’s something you want to be doing, why wait? You may find you can start with a small taste of your dream life today.

Take Action!

Read through the posts from last month on goal setting.

Take the time to work through the process, and get your ambitions in order.

Then, prioritise the ones that will help you to obtain your dream life. You may be surprised at which ones you decide to tackle first.

And, stay tuned to our blog, better still, book mark it. Every week, we bring you tips on keeping the stress at bay while you focus on your busy life.

In the meantime, please tell us about your dream life, or your tips for obtaining it. We love hearing from you as much as we like chocolate cake. And, we’re pretty obsessive about that.


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