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Negotiate your debt down

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Debt, Debt Summit, Finances, Negotiation

“Given a culture of silence, it’s not surprising that many people simply don’t know that they can negotiate their debt down.”
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These days debt is a natural part of life.

And although many people have some level of debt (whether it is a beneficial mortgage, untenable medical bills, or ever increasing credit card debt), most people are hesitant to talk about it.

Given a culture of silence, it’s not surprising that many people simply don’t know that they can negotiate their debt down.

Truly, it is possible to erase enormous chunks of fees and interest as if they were never yours to begin with.

And, here’s something you should know… wealthy people never pay all the interest on their debts (and they do have them). They negotiate instead because they know they can.

If super rich people can hang on to their cash, why shouldn’t you. More importantly, the ability to negotiate debt should suggest that you were paying too much to begin with.

What do you need to do?

First, you’ll need to swing over to the Rethink Debt Summit website  and download your copy of the free eBook, Negotiate Your Debt. This short publication tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Once you’ve made your first phone call, you’ll discover how remarkably easy it is to chat with your creditors – and stop overpaying on your debt.

The book tells you:

  • How to remain calm and friendly
  • Understanding and overcoming your fears
  • And exactly what information you need before making a call.

Take action!

You are welcome to continue paying exorbitant interest rates on debts you cannot afford. But, with all the lovely things to spend your money on today, why would you? Instead, take action now.

Download a copy of Negotiate Your Debt. It’s a short read, so do it today.
Attack that pile of bills you’ve been avoiding; you should try to negotiate all of them.

Relax and have a slice of cake. Debt negotiation is easier than you fear.


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Got your own special tip for dealing with debt? Let us know by posting below – we love our readers’ creative solutions.


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