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Profile of a Masterminder – Vineeth Purushothama

by | Dec 25, 2012 | Masterminds, Profile

“One of the interesting things about a Mastermind Group is that you learn just how quickly your expertise can help other entrepreneurs and executives.”
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There are a few people in this world that you just know are going to succeed – their abilities and ideas mix together with their drive to astonish just about everyone else.

Vineeth just happens to be one of those people.

So why did he join a Mastermind group? He knew that the platform for idea sharing meant he would overcome challenges facing his business a whole lot faster. And that is exactly what happened.

White Sky is a collection of boutique hotels aimed at people wanting to explore India. The team screens each hotel for quality, service and experience. Whether you want an adventure breakaway or a relaxing spa hotel, Vineeth’s team can point you in the right direction. And, exceptional rates apply for travellers booking under the White Sky network.

While his entrepreneurial skills grew White Sky from the ground, Vineeth says that his Mastermind Group has pushed the best ideas onto the fast track. And also brought a basket of contacts to put them into action.

One of the interesting things about a Mastermind Group is that you learn just how quickly your expertise can help other entrepreneurs and executives. But it is the accountability of a group that helps White Sky to stay on track. It’s easy to push deadlines back when you are accountable only to yourself, but to reveal to a group that you didn’t have the time is another matter. Vineeth says Mastermind has pushed him to be more ambitious with his goals – and White Sky is reaping the rewards.

Mastermind has helped Vineeth with more than just his growing business. He has a couple of toddlers he is bringing up, as well. And his group has given him some incredible time management skills, which allow him spend more time with them, and less time at the grind. For Vineeth, a few minutes of play with his kids is as delightful as the positive feedback from his customers.

And, in case you were wondering if Vineeth is as perfect as he sounds, you’ll be happy to know he has a weakness for high calorie foods, just like the rest of us. Kaesespaetzle and pizza will make him melt just like the laughter of his kids.

For more info on White Sky. To join a Mastermind Group near you, contact us.


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