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Meet the Trainer: Rethink Retreats’ Delightful Jamie Panter

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Profile, Rethink Central Staff

“The system of coaching he has developed is unique”
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He doesn’t go so far as to call himself a geek outright, he just alludes to it when he talks about the mountain of books he has (and probably plans to have). And that is great.

Having a coach that just can’t stop himself from learning is what everyone wants. Reading is both work and play for Jamie, as is everything else in this well balanced man’s life.

He takes a lot of pride in his work – as he should do. The system of coaching he has developed is unique. And, this new approach led to the founding of City Therapy Partners, based in London. It’s a heck of a practice, aimed at overcoming obstacles in business and in private clients, and directed at the particular challenges sales teams and sales people face.

He isn’t shy about talking about the different disciplines woven into his work. Everything from Psychology to Hypnotherapy plays a role at City Therapy Partners.

When Jamie started fusing these methods together, along with NLP, he found that no one discipline can continually be the answer to the myriad of challenges a person faces – especially when that person works in sales. No employee works alone, even when they are starting a micro business. They work within a framework that includes everyone else on their playing field. It is this aspect of the business environment that drew Jamie in to develop something that went above and beyond the norm. He even pulled in training from Sports Psychology, so that everyone in an organisation can benefit from the success of one part of the team.

City Therapy Partners clients range from individuals that want to improve themselves to entire sales teams brought in by their management. These pioneering companies realise that the same methods that worked a decade ago no longer function with the same results in the world of rapidly changing technology. Whether individually motivated, or as a perk from management, Jamie’s clients see tangible results within just a few sessions. Just take a look at the testimonials on City Therapy Partners website to see for yourself.

For anyone attending the next Rethink Retreat in France, Jamie promises a quick and painless explosion of growth. You just need to bring your desire to change and your ability to trust. Jamie will lay out everything else. When you leave his morning session, you will be able to say “I can use that now!” He will provide tools to self evaluate situations – and how to control your reactions when backed into a corner. The best part of his job is making the difference, which means he will make sure you get the best of him at our retreat.

And it isn’t just the work side of your life that Jamie will impact. His therapies spill over into the rest of your life. After all, rarely do we confront challenges in just one part of our lives. Whether it is a lack of assertiveness, or dwindling momentum, or anything else you may be facing, they usually do not dissolve in the car ride to or from work.

When he isn’t reading, Jamie loves filling in the details that make any friendship rewarding. When asked where he would go for a holiday, he gets a bit tongue tied. There may not be a place he would say no to – from the beaches of Thailand to the streets of New York, and literally every place in the middle. He would go as long as the imaginary budget would allow. Lucky for us, he loves working.

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