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Meet Alice Lee…

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Profile

“Rumi’s words certainly describe Alice’s approach to life (even if she admits to struggling with finding the time for everything)”
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Here’s the thing about Alice Lee – you’ll know straight away that you’ve just met someone special.

We certainly wanted to know more about her and the work she’s so passionate about; and we thought you’d love to meet her too. She works as an acupuncturist, mother, wife and all around delightful person.

But, it’s her work on a website that educates people about alternative health solutions that really demonstrates just how special Alice truly is.

“Respond to every call that lifts your spirit.”

Rumi’s words certainly describe Alice’s approach to life (even if she admits to struggling with finding the time for everything).But, it’s her joyfulness that you’ll spot first. The term “infectious laughter” was created just for Alice, as soon as she lets a joyous giggle escape her lips, you have no choice but to join her. So, it’s a good job that she’s always wanted to make people feel better because she does it, without even realising how wonderful she can make a person feel.

She started off with a degree in Political Science, though it was her passion to help people that moved her towards employment as a social worker. No matter how much she achieved, the work took a toll on Alice’s body and overall health. She needed to feel better, and found herself searching out acupuncture therapy. The immediate difference in her body and mind was so powerful that Alice decided this might just be the one way she could improve the lives of others, while caring for herself. Thank heavens she didn’t doubt herself. Several years later, she’s got a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She obtained national board certified in both practices, and went on to open her wonderfully successful acupuncture practice in Maryland.

Alice specialises in techniques that alleviate digestive disorders and related pain, but her vision is broader than that. Through her experiences, she’s seen the power of alternative medicine to change the future for people who just aren’t getting the relief they need from traditionally Western doctors or medicines. For her, it’s the information about these therapies, products and practitioners that makes everything possible. And it’s her plan to deliver that information to the people who need it most through a website she is developing centred around alternative medicine.

With such vision and dynamism, you may feel that Alice wouldn’t want a coach, but she knows it’s exactly what she needs, so, she’s been working with Rethink, Retreats very own, Liz Scully. When you’re tackling different areas of your life, and there’s a lot on each one of those plates, coaching makes it all the more bearable. In fact, it’s the honest feedback that an uninvolved party can provide that helps Alice to focus on the things that matter – and helps her to break big projects into digestible pieces.

And the website creator is just one of the Alices you might meet. She’s very good at compartmentalising. And that’s a plus, because she deals with some pretty heavy stuff at the office – taking on other people’s pains and problems. Her way of dealing with it is to keep it at the office, by doing a cleansing meditation before leaving. It’s a tip many could benefit from, even if they sit in front of a computer all day.

Besides relaxing with her family, Alice still makes time for simple pleasures. She loves playing classical piano (Chopin is her favourite), and will read anything she can get her hands on. In fact, she’s one of those rare people who has worn her library card thin. She’s also been enjoying merging the information she learned at a recent raw food retreat with her understanding of traditional Chinese recipes. And one day (when she finds the right gap), she will walk barefoot along the beach in Hawaii.

Alice cites the most extraordinary experience she had as a case manager. A lady raising her grandkids was set to lose her home. Although there were a number of factors working against this woman, she was a hard worker and dedicated to creating a life for her family. And while case workers scurried around trying to find and implement solutions, she remained steadfast in her belief that all was well, that everything would work out, exactly as it should. At crunch time, this lady randomly met a person connected to the top official responsible for her case – and she intervened.

It’s a sweet story of triumph, and it wasn’t even Alice’s. But this woman still occupies her thoughts. She’s become a personal hero, and her understanding that things will fall into the right place demonstrates a self-belief that just about everyone needs to remember from time to time. Funnily enough, it’s exactly that self belief that sets Alice apart from the crowd.

And that’s exactly how we feel about Alice. We’re not certain how – but we know that eventually Rethink Retreats and Alice Lee will work together as more than just coach and client!


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