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Ice Cream Sandwiches

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Cake

It’s ice cream you can eat with your fingers.”
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Cookies and milk is good (especially if you happen to be under 12 years old).

Cookies with ice cream are better.

Ice cream sandwiches created with homemade cookies are the best. It’s like a mini decadent treat you can pull out of the freezer at any time.

May we suggest tomorrow afternoon, for example.

The best thing is that you can make these whenever you’ve got a bit of time so that there’s always a few available.

It’s ice cream you can eat with your fingers. What’s not to love about that?



Recipe makes half a dozen sandwiches

12 each Cookies, may we suggest these
Vanilla ice cream (or frozen yoghurt), softened

To Prepare

Scoop a heaping tablespoon onto the flat side of one cookie. Top with another cookie, pushing the ice cream into a sandwich. Wrap with wax paper and plastic wrap. Repeat with the remaining cookies and place in the freezer.

Really Good Bit

You don’t have to limit yourself to ice cream – or even vanilla if you do. Try frozen yogurt with your next batch.

Or, if you’re feeling really cheeky, blend a package of cream cheese with a half cup of icing sugar and spread that in the middle. And, if you really want to treat yourself, add some chopped strawberries to the mix.


From the notebook of Katie Schenk

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