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How do I achieve a massive goal?

by | May 6, 2014 | Goals

“Although massive goals are, by definition, challenging – there’s only one way to do it – break it into tiny steps.”
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Ever tried to accomplish something that seemed so much bigger than you are? Course you have.

You’ve probably achieved plenty of big things. But, if you’ve never done so with a really conscious plan on how to tackle it, you might find that you’re a little stuck next time you face a similar enormous goal.

The thing is that you know you can do it. After all, people are doing impossible things every day.

Although massive goals are, by definition, challenging – there’s only one way to do it – break it into tiny steps.

Break your goals into smaller pieces

Yep. That’s the secret.

It almost doesn’t matter how impossible your goal seems, you can achieve almost anything just by breaking it into small pieces. We say almost because it’s decidedly not possible to change your genetics or include winning the lottery in your goals. But, for the most part, breaking massive goals into the smallest tasks you can means you will achieve what you want.

It’s not always easy, mind you, and that’s because often you’ve got something standing in the way of your goals (and the structure you want to give them). You. Usually, it’s our own minds that limit what we can achieve, and what we will allow ourselves to achieve. So if you’re standing in the way of your own goals, then begin to work on your mindset so that you can feel more comfortable with achieving what you really want.

If you’ve never systematically broken your goals into pieces – it’s best to break things into smaller and smaller pieces first. Once you’re down to the smallest tasks possible you can work through your diary assign dates to each item.

Break things down to small chunks – perhaps things which will take an hour to do – and then scheduling will mean that you don’t end up trying to schedule things before you’re entirely certain of what each task really entails. If you try to work dates in with each step, you may just find yourself reworking your to do lists over and over.

Take action!

Got a gigantic goal that you can almost taste, but that you’re not close to achieving? Get yourself ready by doing these few things first.

  • Stop censoring yourself. You can raise rehabilitated monkeys if that’s truly what you want to do – but only if you allow yourself to do it.
  • Double check you’re working with a SMART goal. You can’t break dreams into steps.
  • Get yourself to bed early tonight, allowing yourself a bit of extra time to focus on your goal while you slip into slumber. You’ll wake tomorrow feeling refreshed and ready to get to work on your goal.


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Got a goal setting success story? We’d love to hear it – and so would our other readers. Post it below. Not only will you get plenty of kudos, but you’ll probably inspire others to achieve their goals too!


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