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Harness the power of your to do lists

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Goals, Momentum

“Apparently Benjamin Franklin was a list fanatic. So too are Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stewart.”
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Why do people make lists?

Surely it’s just to keep organized, right?

But maybe there’s something more to the art and science of list making. It seems that the act of writing – and crossing off – items on to do lists can make you rather successful.

At the very least, it will put you in very good company.

Apparently Benjamin Franklin was a list fanatic. So too are Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stewart.

According to one legend (which we’re completely tempted to believe), Gene Simmons went a little crazy when he lost his little black book of lists while on tour. Madonna too is committed to list making – and list completing.

What do all these people have in common? They’re highly functioning, extraordinarily effective and wonderfully well paid. These people don’t make lists because they’re famous – they’ve reached high levels in their career as a result of their list making skills. And, they’re not the only ones.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a young German speaking boy in Austria when he added “become a famous Hollywood movie star” to his to do list. (Unfortunately, we don’t know when he added politician as a goal.)

Oprah Winfrey planned to be a millionaire by the age of 32; becoming the richest black woman in America was on her to do list. Never mind that; Oprah’s one of the richest people in the world – full stop.

And, Bill Clinton shared his list making secret in his book, My Life. Say what you like about his morals, he got a fitted a lot into each day. His advice is to make lists every day; then work through them in order of importance. It goes without saying that the more you tick off your list, the more successful you’ll be. And, it’s entirely possible that lists can make you rich and powerful.

The power of lists is undeniable. Highly productive people are using them to achieve incredible goals. Why can’t you be one of them?

Take action!

Ready to become the effective super-human you know you can be? Get started with your lists now.

  • Make your lists easy to manage. If you prefer working online, find an app. If you like your pen and paper, make sure you’ve always got plenty to hand.
  • Always prioritise your list. It doesn’t help to have one if it doesn’t help you get through essential tasks.
  • Make sure that your larger goals are featured on your daily to do list. Always.


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