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See what coaching has done for our Goldy

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Masterminds, Profile

“After all, whenever someone makes a change to one part of their life, it automatically leads to changes in other parts of their lives.”
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Goldy is one of those extraordinary people who wows you with her style and elegance from the moment your eyes catch hers.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that she has always had it all. But the truth is that she’s had her doubts and concerns just like everyone else has.

The difference with Goldy is that she’s taken the steps she needed to develop as a person and overcome her challenges. Ask her now, and she’ll reveal the organisational skills she’s developed through coaching.

When she was young, her goal was to help people. Goldy decided to pursue a career as a doctor, and studied biochemistry. When she realised she didn’t need to be so serious to assist others, she made the move to Bangalore from NYC and discovered she could do anything she set her mind to accomplish.

When she first heard about coaching, she thought it was a stunning idea, but didn’t think she could devote the time. Looking back, she says that when you’re young, your priorities can be a bit disorganised. Working with a coach has shown her how to compartmentalise things. Even more, it’s given her a sense of direction towards the goals she didn’t know how to start. And this has propelled her towards the life she wants to have. After all, whenever someone makes a change to one part of their life, it automatically leads to changes in other parts of their lives.

It’s the changes and coaching that give Goldy that extra twinkle in her eye; it’s not the beautiful clothes she wears. To prove that you don’t need to have everything to be everything, Goldy has launched a new blog – I am the Nice Girl. On a visit to New York this summer, she had to make the choice between shopping and experiencing the sites of the city with her family. She chose the latter, and it led to the launch of a fabulous experiment. This stylish beauty has vowed not to buy anything new for a whole year. It’s a bold move in the fashion conscious city of Bangalore, but in the process, Goldy plans to demonstrate how to transform something new out of what you have.

She doubts the experience will send her on a mad shopping spree at the end of the year. She’s already evolved a sense of self and believes that she’ll only head out for things that truly make a difference. Stay tuned to her blog to join her journey.

In the meantime, Goldy has developed a passion for meditative yoga, and gourmet food. She recently dined at Caperberry in Bangalore and enjoyed a 12 course vegetarian meal. The unexpected flavours and combinations were almost as delightful as a holiday. It’s one way to splurge without augmenting your wardrobe. And visiting different cities is one of Goldy’s favourite ways to treat herself. From Cape Town to Istanbul there isn’t anywhere Goldy wouldn’t like to visit.

If this is what coaching can do for someone as charming as Goldy, just imagine what it can do for you.


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