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Easy chocolate spread

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Sweet

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Now here’s a fine idea – healthy, easy and will fill that sweet craving in seconds.

It should only take five minutes to make, at the most.



2 tablespoons Tahini (can use flax or hemp seed oil instead, but you must refrigerate afterwards)

2 tablespoons Honey

2 tablespoons Coco powder

For larger quantities – simply double ingredients


Optional ingredients



Dried fruits of any sort!

Extra coco powder if rolling into small balls

In a jar add the tahini, honey and coco powder and mix well. This will make a sleek but sticky chocolate spread not unlike Nutella, but without any additives or dubious oils. Feel free to play with the ratio of ingredients to make a less sweet treat, or have less of the subtle taste of tahini.

And feel free to play with the ratio of ingredients to make a less sweet treat, or less of the subtle taste of tahini

As tahini doesn’t need refrigerating, the chocolate spread can live in a jar, and be spooned out as needed. Refrigerate if replacing the tahini with oil. Or if you’d like a firmer, more chocolate bar experience.

To use the extra ingredients:

    • To impress guests, mix in a bowl and spoon into small balls and roll in coco powder and chill to ensure solidity.
    • If you’re just making for yourself, spoon into a shallow dish and refrigerate to make your own chocolate bars.


This was suggested by a new friend on my current yoga retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas. Beautiful views, great yoga and fabulous healthy food. I’ll be working on getting some more great recipes to share over the next week. I know, I really go that extra mile for you all…

From the recipe notebook of Liz Scully.
From the kitchen of Lucy Forsyth – who calls this ‘Olga’s chocolate treat’


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And do please share your own favourite recipes below… we’d love to hear from you.


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