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Easy Cake, No Mess : 5 Minute Chocolate Cake in a cup

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Cake, One Bowl Ebook Recipe

“This recipe serves you a chocolate cake in 5 minutes.’
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It’s no secret; Rethink Retreats is in to cake. And we know you’re in the mood for quick and easy cakes.

That’s why we’re releasing our second cake book – Easy Cake, No Mess. This book is filled with 24 incredible recipes which require almost no effort – from preparation to washing up, which means you won’t be tied to the kitchen for the sake of the reward you want.

If you’ve missed our first book, Cake! 12 healthy cake recipes (complete with store cupboard substitutions), sign up for our newsletter to get 4 of the 12 recipes entirely free. And, when you’re ready to download the entire book, you can always swing over to Amazon.

We’ll be launching our latest book soon and for a limited number of days that you’ll be able to download it for free, so stay tuned for the release (if you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll be sure to let you know when that’ll be). In the meantime, we thought you’d like to try this incredible recipe from the book.

This recipe serves you a chocolate cake in 5 minutes. It’s so good, but so quick you won’t be able to wrap your head around it for days – maybe even weeks.

Plus, as long as you keep hot chocolate in the house, you’ve probably got everything you need without popping out to the shops. This recipe is perfect for the moments when you find yourself alone at home with an overwhelming urge for chocolate cake. It also magically seems to please anyone from kids to colleagues.

We really should put a warning on this recipe: it’s addictive (once you figure out just how quick, easy and delicious it genuinely is).



Makes: 1 individual cake

4 tbsp Plain flour
5 tbsp Powdered hot chocolate
2 tbsp Egg**, pre-beaten
3 tbsp Milk
3 tbsp Oil
a splash of Vanilla


About 3 tablespoons of broken up bits of chocolate, chopped bits of fruit – or really anything you’ve got a hankering to add

**You really need to beat an egg for this recipe in a separate bowl. One egg will provide enough for 2-3 of these cakes, or enough for cake and a bit of scrambled egg. If you’re only making one of these cakes at a time, you can easily store the remaining egg, in a well-sealed container in the fridge, for about a day.


Stir all the ingredients together in a large, microwaveable mug. They don’t need to be added in any particular order; they just need to be well combined before placing mug in the microwave.

Place a shallow bowl, or a lipped plate upside down in the centre of your microwave. Place your mug on top of this, uncovered.

Cook, on full power, for 3 minutes. It doesn’t help to stare at the microwave in anticipation and disbelief during this time, but you’re likely to anyhow. If you’ve got a small microwave (under 800 watts), you’ll need to increase your cooking time by about a minute.

Be careful when removing the mug from the microwave – it will be hot! The same warning goes for tucking into it. It’s best to give your cake a moment to cool down (and don’t worry, we’ve included that in our 5 minute estimation).

If you want to keep your washing up to a minimum, use the same spoon for measuring and mixing. Once you’ve licked it clean (you’re bound to do it), you can use it to eat your cake too.


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And do please share your own favourite recipes below… we’d love to hear from you.


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