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Discover your life goals easily in 30 minutes or less

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Introspection, Meditation, Top Goals

“And if you want more time – what exactly will you do with it?”
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(I know this sounds unlikely – but it really works!)

So, what do you want from life? Tricky question, eh?


For many people their first answer is ‘money’.


But do you really actually want money itself?

More likely, you want what money can buy you – more time with your family, fancier more restful holidays, freedom from worry about paying the bills. Although money will buy you all of that – what your actual desire wishing for it is time, rest and freedom. And if you want more time – what exactly will you do with it? Spend it all with the family, or might you write that book, or visit those ancient buildings in Peru that have been calling your name for decades now? So really, what you want from life is more a question of what you want to have achieved at the end. When we make goals it’s very easy to start at the beginning of your life and work forwards, but something extraordinary happens when you work in the other direction. It’s quick and simple and really is transformative. Take a little mind holiday and flash forward to when you are very old. Looking back from that viewpoint, you may well discover what is really important to achieve in your life.

Happy life meditation

Here’s how it works: Find somewhere quiet to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Get comfy, close your eyes and allow your mind to float forward to a day in your 90s.

Become your older self sitting in a garden at dusk, surrounded by beautiful flowers. Feel yourself sitting on a bench absorbing the sounds around you. Hear the drone of the insects. Feel the hardness of the bench under you. See the soft light fading.

You are comfortable, and you’ve had a good life. It’s warm and mellow, but the day is gently drawing to a close. You let your mind wander back over the years, considering all the things you’ve achieved: the happy times and the times that gave you most satisfaction.

Drift back over your 80s, your 70s, back to your 60s. Consider the highlights of each decade – what jobs stand out to you, where did you go, what did you do? Who shared your life with you, where was the real beauty in your life?

Drift back further, to your more active 50s, your 40s, right back to your current age. As you do so, note what your mind shows you, see what comes to you. No judgement, just make a mental note of all the things you’ve achieved, and loved.

When you’re ready, breathe deep and open your eyes. Take a moment and then make a note of anything that came to you.

There are no wrong answers for this exercise. You can achieve anything in life, but you have to know what you want to do. So did something surprise you? Are you already working towards your dream life, or do you need to add something new to your goals? Now you know this should be your happy life; make sure you make it. Meditating on what you want to have achieved brings clarity on what you should be doing today.

Take Action!

Now you know what to do to reveal your life goals, take action. Put time in your diary for your happy life meditation in the next few days. Half an hour is plenty of time.

Try the meditation sitting on a bench in the park at lunchtime – or float in the bath one evening. When you’re warm and relaxed is a perfect time to let your mind drift.

Don’t judge yourself. Meditation is about releasing your inner strengths and dreams – no answers are wrong. The only way to fail at meditation is not to do it!

Write down the things you want to achieve by the time you’re 90. These goals might seem daunting, but everything can be achieved if it’s broken down into small enough chunks. And dreaming big is good – the world needs more boldness!

-:–:- This meditation is one of the parts of our Career Course – 10 weeks to certainty about your future. Each step is very simple, but will lead you to the right direction for your future. If you’ve ever lain awake at night dreading going to work tomorrow, but not sure what you should be doing instead, then this course will set you on the right track. Want to know when we’re going to launch? Drop your email in here and immediately see the free training to blast the blocks to achieving your goals. Don’t waste another year in the wrong job. -:–:-

This meditation is part of October’s Meditation and Relaxation month on the Rethink Retreats Blog. Want to know about what relaxing and meditation can do for you? Check this lot out:

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Know what you want to have achieved by the time you’re 90? Please use the comments section to tell us about it. We absolutely love encouraging people to live their happy, happy lives.

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