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Debt Summit: Money Monsoon

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Debt, Mindset

“There’s no one standing above you claiming that your maximum earning potential is what you’re taking home now.”
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A lot of people feel like there just isn’t enough money in their lives to do what they want – or even what they need to do.

Some of you may even feel like finding more money in your busy day, and your frantic bill payments is an impossibility. But that’s only a dangerous suspicion you’re harbouring – it’s not the truth.

The reality is that there’s no limit to the amount of money you can have. There’s no one standing above you claiming that your maximum earning potential is what you’re taking home now.

Financial abundance is something you can get your hands on, but it starts with a mindset. Our brains control our attitude towards everything – from cake to money (and we think both are marvellous things to have in abundance).

But while you allow your brain to tell you that you’ll never have enough – then you’ll never have enough.

Your brain doesn’t like to hold conflicting ideas – and it will work to find ways to support your beliefs. Quite simply – this means that if you tell yourself something is true, then your brain will work to prove it. So, if you believe you can have boundless amounts of money, you’ll work to get it (quite possibly without you even realising you’re doing it).

So, how do you convince your brain to work for wealth?

A small change to your thinking around money will go a long way in getting a lot more of it for yourself.

Start by thinking of money as a river that flows around you. It flows into and out of your life. Neither good nor bad, it’s just flowing. There will always be more, it’s just moving through your life.

Now, it’s even better if money is raining down into your life rather than streaming past. All you’ll have to do now is extend your arms, hold out your hands, and money will just fall into them.

But, don’t stop there. You don’t want a little spring time rain; you want buckets of it falling from the sky. You want what Michael Heppell calls in his fabulous book ‘Flip it’ a money monsoon.

This visualisation may seem a bit silly to you the first time you do it. But, it’s an easy way to convince your subconscious into believing that money is raining all around you, and you just need to allow a bit more of it into your life. Abundance truly is a mindset; so change your mindset to one that works for you. Before long, you’ll see just how true it is.

Have a look at this video of the monsoon in India from our 1 minute holiday series… and imagine it’s money not water flooding in.

Take Action!

Try visualising the money monsoon pouring into you life and your bank balance.

If you need help visualising it – think about money flooding in next time you’re caught in the rain, or stood under the shower. Money is flowing into someone’s life in abundance… why not your?

And make sure you hop over to the Rethink Debt Summit and download our free handy guide to how negotiate your debt to reduce the amount owed not just your repayments.


This post is part of Debt Month on the Rethink Retreats Blog in the run up to the launch of our Debt Summit that will help you slay the debt monster and find a more abundant mindset.

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And to assuage the flow of money out of your life, you’ll want to stay tuned and make sure you get the great training coming up on the debt summit on how to pay off your debts and adjust your mindset so that you don’t get in debt again.

And don’t worry, we’re not telling you to cut back on your luxuries; we’ve got a real solution for real people with real debt.


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