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Coaching takes Pearl Panthaki to new levels

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Masterminds, Profile

“Helping people is just one Pearl’s strong points; honesty is another.”
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Pearl Panthaki is far too busy for most people – but she still manages to get it all done.

That old saying – ‘if you want something doing, ask a busy person’ – could have been made specially for Pearl.

She’s at the top of her game, and that’s a tremendous deal, as she’s a rising star at the multinational conglomerate HP.

Pearl’s success within her company is no small feat; very few executives in India are women.That’s one thing Pearl wants to
change. She’s developed an initiative for female inclusion in the company. With 4000 women in Pearl’s building alone, and remarkably few of them reaching managerial levels, she works to empower them and break down barriers which hold them back in work, and in life.

To achieve all this – and lets face it, it’s big stuff – Pearl turned to high end one to one coaching. Working directly with our founder, Liz Scully she concentrated on her priorities, and set goals for short and long term success. Pearl’s sure this gave her the clarity that paved the way for her hefty new promotion. And just to ensure her success, she also joined one of our mastermind groups and swears by the weekly goal setting as a way to storm to the top.

But bright star that she is now, Pearl didn’t always think she was destined to climb the corporate ladder; she believed she would be an entrepreneur. And she gave it a go – only to discover that it wasn’t exactly what she thought it would be.

Because with all of her skills, Pearl admits to trying effectively do it alone. She certainly put in the hours. But for a team player like Pearl, it’s all about surrounding yourself with a team of the right people – not just ploughing through it all by yourself..

Today, Pearl has a high pressure managerial role within HP; she heads the Global Language Center (GLP) which means that she manages global delivery services at HP and provides language support to other business functions across 23 countries. It suits her much better than her entrepreneurial endeavours did, and she’s done all this in India, not her native Britain.

Helping people is just one Pearl’s strong points; honesty is another. Through experiences in the corporate world, she’s discovered that owning up to her mistakes (however difficult) is one of the most useful values a person can have – as long as you take responsibility for your mistakes and commit yourself to learning from them. She’s not afraid to admit to a few of her nightmarish errors and how she has grown as a person, and an employee, through them.

But, no matter how busy she is, Pearl still finds time to do the things that truly matter in life; like giving back to her community – and inspiring others to do the same. It’s an incredible task in Bangalore where there’re so many people who need assistance, but she does it with grace and a smile. She works tirelessly under her own steam, and also with HP where she heads Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. She’s obviously got a knack for stirring hearts – her team has pledged over 10,000 volunteer hours within their communities.

Work life balance is every bit as important as getting promotions and coaching helped Pearl make space there as well. When she’s chilling out you might just find her indulging in culinary delights (and sometimes a bit of junk food).

Then again, she may just be day dreaming about travelling to South America, where she’d balance helping rural communities with learning to tango. And that’s just like Pearl – a lot of work, a lot of heart and a lot of fun.

Basically, she’s about as balanced as a busy person can ever be. Perhaps it’s her belief in Nicheren Daishon’s Buddhist philosophy, but she’d tell you it has a lot to do with her coach – just like her latest promotion.


To see if coaching is for you as well – check this post about Liz’s limited time offer for a complimentary strategy session.

She doesn’t offer these often directly: but even if you can’t speak directly to her, one our great Rethink coaches can definitely help you!


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