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Breathe for 5 minutes and relax completely

by | Nov 20, 2012 | 5 min workout, Yoga

“It’s incredible when you think about it – that a person can take their most basic, unconscious function and turn it into a mini-spa experience.”
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We all need to breathe. It’s one of those things we learn when we’re young and just forget about. We breathe and that’s that. One of the bonuses is that we rarely need to focus on it.

Breathing just happens, while we work, while we sleep, even when we spend a night on the dance floor.

That’s breathing for necessity.

There are other kinds of breathing, as well. There’s a way to breathe during yoga exercises for better results. There is a different way of breathing for Tai Chi. And, there’s breathing you can do for relaxation and meditation.

It’s incredible when you think about it – that a person can take their most basic, unconscious function and turn it into a mini-spa experience. Okay, maybe not always quite that fabulous, but it can lower your blood pressure and stress hormones, along with slowing your racing heart.

Focused breathing can even increase your natural antioxidants which suffer dreadfully from the stress you carry.

You may not have time for much else on your busy days, so take the time to prioritise your breathing.

It only takes 5 minutes for the calm to settle over your entire body.

Deep breathing for relaxation

Take a seat in a comfortable chair, or your work chair if that is the only one available. Exhale as you sit up straight. Close your eyes.

Then, inhale as you relax your stomach muscles. It takes a bit of practice, but it should feel as though your belly is filling with nurturing oxygen. Continue inhaling, as you feel your chest filling and your rib cage expanding.

Hold the breath for a moment, and when you exhale, do it slowly. It should feel as though the air is leaving your ribcage your lungs and then your stomach. Pull your belly button towards your back to force out every bit of air that you can.

As you focus on your breathing for 5 minutes, focus on relaxing your muscles, especially those in your face and shoulders. Keep your thoughts on your breath; don’t let it wander around your worries and deadlines. Just breathe.

Take Action now!

Try this right now – it’ll only take five minutes to feel utterly different. Go on!

Then try these other 5 minute training sessions:

5 minute yoga whilst doing the laundry

5 minute Pilates

5 minute Pilates in the car

And if even 5 minutes is too much – try this:

3 minute workout : all over strength

Tell us what you think

Have you tried any of our five minute routines, or this breathing exercise? We’d love to know how they work for you.

Is there something you would like us to cover? Perhaps pilates in the shower? Or yoga you can do with your children? Just let us know.

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