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Branding Quick Tip: how the client sees themselves

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Branding

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a company. It’s not what YOU say it is. It’s what THEY say it is”

Marty Neumeier in ‘Brand Gap’

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The hidden visual language of branding

It’s all about ‘client ideation’ images.

That sounds pretty fancy, but in today’s blog I’m sharing some of the backend concepts that are run through all of our new brand refresh (that’s all those pictures of retro ladies doing daft things that have suddenly appeared all over the blog).

Why they’re there and what they’re doing is a different story. What I’m sharing today is the more subtle mix of information that’s being projected by pics of groups, couples and people on their own.



Click play on the video above to learn more.

The main branding tip is 4 mins in total then around 4 mins 30 seconds I switch to just sharing some daft pics. If you like this (and so far my clients have joined me in shrieking with laughter over this stuff, and I think you’ll like it too) – if you like this, indulge in a min or two of that before a good round up at the end of the tip and how you can apply it.

And let me know if you’d like more video like this – plenty more where this came from. (Whether or not that’s a good thing, is up to you to decide – watch the vid and let me know!)


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