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Understanding Your Avatar is key

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Being understood is a fundamental human drive

In this video – following on from this Medium post – I discuss why it’s so important to really make the effort to understand your customers and clients.

Research is a fundamental tool for your business. If you go straight to producing product without doing the deep work you’ll probably end up with the wrong products for your people. Sure they’ll look great, but the targeting won’t be spot on and sales will be lacklustre (maybe you’ve already seen that). ⠀


Do your research and you’ll reap results

Plus as being fully seen is such a deep human need, to do this for your clients is almost an ethical requirement.

Also, rather handily, you’re business will grow at the same time that you’re really listening to your clients. When we really understand who we’re serving then we create products they actually want and even writing copy is easier as you can use their exact language. Everything becomes easier when you really know your avatar. Do the deep research and everything falls into place.

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I’ve got a course on Skillshare at the moment which will give you an overview on how to do the avatar research quickly.. It’s called ‘Sell More: Get More Customers’. You’ll get all you need to know in 20 minutes and there’s a handy worksheet to download.

This is the first of a series of premium Skillshare classes they’ve asked me to produce the next one will be out in a month. Skillshare is packed full of hundreds of fabulous courses with everything and everyone from Seth Godin to how to improve your instagram photographs.


With research you’ll reap results in your business.

Plus as being fully seen is such a deep human need, to do this for your clients is almost an ethical requirement.

You can get FREE access to all of that for 60 days and you can cancel at any time you like by following this link or clicking the picture to the left.

Do the work. Get the results. Grow your business.

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