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Is your Research Good: But Still Not ‘Good Enough’?

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Done some Avatar work, but it’s not really been that useful?

It may well be that you’ve not gone deep enough. When we really dig in and learn your Avatars deepest concerns and how far back that might go in their life – when you do that you can produce products that support them much more deeply.

In this video, I show you the way I create my Avatars – how details like ‘he has a bright daughter, smarter than her brother’ can make me the perfect coach for that person in a way someone without that won’t be as good a fit.

About half way through, at the 5 min mark – I discuss an example of taking good research and really improving it in the way you talk about it with your customers and clients.


Join me for the Avatar Academy

My new Academy launches today – it’s a Mastermind and course in one. With monthly video training, Q&A calls and Mastermind. It’s a 6 month premium course and it’s on offer as this first run is a rather fabulous Beta. Barely a beta really as I do this same process regularly in my own business.

In the 6 months you’ll create your own one-page Avatar (using my Ultimate Avatar Toolkit template). You’ll do the research  as I guide you to a psychologically deep Avatar. Then we’ll work on your sales pages and exactly how to implement your fresh research.

When you’re done, you’ll have a clear Avatar, a fresh sales page and your social media calendar for the next 6 months all set up.

All the details are here




Do watch this vid double speed if you fancy optimising your time. On chrome I use the ‘video speed controller’ to help with that. It’s free and will appear as a speed controller top left of the screen.

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